The curse of too much creativity

I’m having an overload of creativity at the moment, so much so that I don’t even know what to work on next. I have all of these ideas, and I’ll never have time to really explore any of them to their fullest potential I think. It all comes and goes in cycles, and right now the cycle is definitely on the upswing. I spent a whole weekend recently brainstorming and creating a new website after an idea hit me as I woke up one morning, and now I just have to find the time to continue to nurture it and create new content. It’s something I needed to create to get it out of my system, but after that initial (very satisfying) rush of creation, carving out time to devote on even a weekly basis may be difficult.

In the quilting department, I’m still plugging away at The Misery Quilt (it really does have another name, but I’m not telling yet, and I’m not entirely sure it’s over being a misery anyway), but all the creative idea generation on that project is already done. Now it’s just the doing part, which doesn’t mean that I’m unmotivated to work on it, it just means that there are other creative things vying for attention. Now, I can think about the other creative things while I work on the quilt, because tracing quilting designs (and even quilting them) is rather mindless stuff, which leaves the mind free to scoot off in other directions. Honestly though, leaving my mind free to create yet another new idea is about the last thing I really need to do right now.

Unfortunately, life hands me mindless moments way too often. On Tuesdays every week, it’s sitting for a couple of hours at LittleOne’s flute lesson. I listen in, but she and her teacher communicate in German, so I pretty much tune out during the lessons, which means the mind is wandering and creating. Sometimes I take a book, but other times I have things running around in my head so I make notes on paper. Lots of notes, on lots of paper.

Today I took the Mustang in for an oil change and winter tires, and had another couple of mindless hours waiting for it to be done. After reading a Note posted on 9rules this morning, one of the other ideas I’ve been meaning to delve into took center stage in my brain and out poured pages and pages of notes for a new web project while I sat and waited for the car (more about the actual project at a later date). Mind you, none of these creative projects will ever make me rich or anything (probably), but tackling them will bring a measure of satisfaction, assuming I can figure out where to get that extra twelve hours every day to make it all happen.

Next week the mindless moments will come while I wait for the kids while they get their teeth cleaned. The week after, it will be appointments at the hair salon (YUCK!) or whatever else is on the endless to-do list. Even daily, there are mindless moments where the mind can run off on a creative tangent: showering, getting dressed, making the bed, making dinner, and the list goes on. I think I’m going to have to purchase a micro digital recorder or something, so that if my hands are busy I can get those ideas down so they don’t disappear.

Then there are the quilting projects that are already started, or the ones that are still running around in my brain waiting to be made (no wonder I get headaches with all those things running around, huh?). Seriously, I realize that I probably won’t live long enough to get to all of those. (As an aside, I don’t think immortality could ever be boring!) Creativity is also what causes some projects to go unfinished, and I really don’t like that. I don’t want to start things and not finish, but it’s really hard to pick and choose among so many ideas, quilting or otherwise, when all of them seem so cool and wonderful and fun.

Maybe what I really need to do is watch more movies. If I watch movies while I quilt, then my mind is concentrating on the movie instead of thinking and brainstorming and coming up with more creative ideas to pursue. Taking a book with me to appointments needs to be the new rule, at least until I get through the latest batch of uber creativity. *sigh* Somebody throw me a comment here and let me know I’m not alone…I’m off to do dishes, and probably generate a few more creative ideas while I’m at it.