Resisting the paper stash temptation

Creativity takes many forms around here, and it’s not always quilting. Today LittleOne and I spent most of the day scrapbooking and making cards at the Gussy Goose. Beside the two pages for her scrapbook featuring some pictures from Girl Scout Camp, she made these cards so that she could write thank you notes to family for Christmas gifts:

Handmade Cards

I made some of my own, with some bits of papers and lace I already had, and the only piece of really cool floral paisley paper with glitter that the store had left:

Handmade Cards

I could have made more (I should hope, since we were there for five+ hours!) but I did help LittleOne a bit with her cards, and I’ve also come to a conclusion about this scrapbooking/cardmaking thing: It’s just about the same as quilting in a certain way, when it gets right down to it. Quilters have huge stashes of fabric and other supplies at home (at least all the ones I know anyway), and I have a feeling scrappers are the same with their papers.

I’ve never been able to walk into any quilt shop and purchase all the fabrics for a quilt all at once, because the shops never have all the fabrics I need all at the same time. Whether this is because I’ve never lived anywhere that had a quilt shop that constantly carried an enormous number of bolts of fabric (thinking of 7,000 to 10,000 bolts as enormous here), or whether it’s just because…well, I can’t think of another reason for this problem, really. (It couldn’t possibly be because I’m picky and choosy when it comes to putting colors together, either! 😉 ) Whenever I shop for fabric I’m extremely grateful for the stash of fabric I have at home, because I always need to pull fabrics from it when the quilt shop doesn’t have the right color, pattern, whatever.

Scrapbooking and cardmaking seem to have the same issue for me. I think if I’m going to make cards even occasionally, I’ll need to start collecting papers that I like whenever I see them to build a “paper stash” so that I can have a wider selection to choose from when I’m ready to make something, just like I’ve been doing with fabrics for nearly 20 years. I looked at all the other papers at the store today, and while they were nice, nothing else really spoke to me like the floral paisley one. There was one coordinating paper that I bought to use with it, a nice embossed stripe of all different designs (hard to describe), and a luscious dark olive cardstock with a gold glittery overlay, but it was a good thing I had some leftover paper with me from another project, because there wasn’t another thing in the store that would have worked.

I do have an astonishing array of bits and baubles that I’ve collected…

It’s not just the papers either, it’s the other bits and baubles that add lovely texture and interest to cards and pages that need to be collected and stashed away so that you can be creative without missing that one little thing that would make the piece sing. I’ve had this niggling little “don’t do it” feeling about scrapbooking since it became popular, and this is probably why. Just what I don’t need: another hobby that needs a “stash” of stuff to make it work.

I do already have an astonishing array of bits and baubles that I’ve collected for quilts (and jewelry, embroidery, beadwork and whatever else) over the years, some of which could be used for papercrafts, along with a number of rubber stamps from way back when (that would be B.Q.—Before Quilting), so at least some of that was put to good use today. But of course, there’s always something else interesting in the scrapbooking department that catches your eye and then you buy that too. *sigh*

I’m not sure what the point is, except that papercrafting seems to be the same kind of “take over your house life” monster that quilting is, though maybe paper is cheaper and takes up less room than fabric (but I’m not really sure about that either). It also seems to be just as time consuming. So much for my thoughts of it being easier and quicker because it’s paper and glue instead of fabric and thread! I spent so much time shopping for paper and “stuff” and deciding what to do before I could even get started. Maybe I really will have to start building that paper stash, and then it’ll be easier because I’ll have more choices! (I’m still hearing that little voice though: “Don’t do it, don’t do it…”)