WFMW–quilting stencil help!

WFMW at Rocks in my DryerWFMW (Works-for-Me-Wednesday) is a “blog carnival'” hosted by Rocks in my Dryer (great name for a blog!). Basically, the idea is that on Wednesday you post a little tip you’ve learned on any topic–anything that has “worked for you” in making your life easier. I liked the idea, and I thought I’d give it a try with a bit of a quilting slant every week. This week happens to be the “Backwards theme” week at WFMW, so instead of sharing a tip that has worked for me, I’ll throw out an issue or question that has stumped me, and hopefully you’ll all leave some super suggestions to help me (and anyone else who reads this and has the same problem) out!

So here goes: I have about a bazillion plastic quilting stencils, and I can’t figure out a good way to store them so that they’re sorted by type (small block, large block, border, etc.), easily accessible, and not bent or mashed into un-usability. Tall order, isn’t it? They’re all different sizes, some of them quite large and others really small, though they do usually have a hole or holes at the top for hanging. Short of mounting a giant piece of pegboard on my wall and hanging each one of them up (we absolutely don’t have wall space for that), I’m stumped. How do you store all your quilting stencils in your sewing room? Help me out here people, please!

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6 thoughts on “WFMW–quilting stencil help!

  1. Well I have just starting getting into quilting and do not even own any stencils….but I will try to help.

    What about a thingy that holds file folders – can the stencils be laid in one of those? May take up a lot of space though. You say you don’t have a lot of wall space but what about hanging them up inside the closet? One os those plastic filing cabinets on wheels? use cardboard to separate the different types? A Rubbermaid container hidden under a bed or in a closet? I don’t know how big these are – can they be put into one of those shoes organizers for the back of a door? can you make something similar that they will fit into?

    Hope that gives you some ideas – good luck!



  2. Kim,

    Wow, lots of super ideas I hadn’t ever thought of! You’re wonderful! I’ll have to give it some thought and experiment a bit, but I think maybe the Rubbermaid container might be the ticket. I could get some sort of ring thingys so that I could fasten them together by type, and then lay them flat in one of the large, not-so-deep Rubbermaid containers and stash it under the bed. Yes, that might work! Thanks a million!


  3. Kim’s ideas got me thinking about hanger variations. How about the hangers with clips on them? you could have a small stencil hanger, a medium stencil hanger, a large stencil hanger, a border stencil hanger, and so on. They could hang out of sight in the closet, or on a coat hook or two in the wall. Instead of using clips to hang the stencils, I was also thinking about those rings that often hold together decorator’s fabric swatches (they have an official name, but I forgot it). You could put as many as you want on a hanger, but if the holes are on the corners of the stencils they might hang all funky and crooked.


  4. Hmm, hangers with clips would work, if I had any closet space to spare, and I think you probably know how that is here in Germany, Kristin! And at the moment, my walls are crammed. I know exactly what rings you’re talking about, but I can’t figure out what they’re really called either. I was thinking of using the rings to group them and using the Rubbermaid idea, if I can find any rings, that is…


  5. I store all my quilting stencils in a large rectangular plastic box with a lid. The box is wide enough and long enough for all my stencils and none get squashed in. I just dump them all in it and I don’t mind looking at them all as I’m looking for ‘the’ one that is needed. It reminds me of what is in there. You could have different sizes for your needs.


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