Monday’s Melange

I was digging around in my browser bookmarks the other day, and thinking how badly they need to be organized. I have hundreds (maybe thousands??) of bookmarks, some of which probably date back to the beginning of my serious Internet usage more than 10 years ago. I’ve been carting these bookmarks around from computer to computer, and from browser to browser for all these years. After all, if whatever it is was important enough to bookmark once, it must be important to save it, right? Well, maybe. Yes, I’m just as much of a packrat on the computer as I am in the rest of my cluttered life. Inside my Firefox Bookmarks folder, I even have folder of Internet Explorer Bookmarks from the time of my great sickness back when I thought IE was the only browser in existence. (Psst! Get Firefox!)

I’ve decided to plow through a few of these sites weekly with the intent to cull and organize, so that hopefully when I open my bookmarks folder, it doesn’t look like this—Eeeewww:

The evil bookmarks folder, before

And guess what? I’m going to share a few with you every week as Monday’s Melange! This week, I’ll start with some (related to) quilting links, since that is my “thing,” but obviously not all of my bookmarks pertain to quilting, since I do have a life outside my studio (an unfortunate fact, sometimes!). As I’m sure that my readers have that kind of “life outside the quilting” thing going on too, I figure that there might be something of interest in the “non-quilting” bookmarks, even for quilters.

Without further ado, here is the Melange on this happy Monday:

Monday's Melange

San Francisco Stitch Company—Okay, this is not a bookmark from years ago, this is a very recent addition, like from just yesterday. Their machine embroidery designs are really beautiful and got my creativity totally spinning off the map, and the design packs are downloadable and reasonably priced, too. I found this machine embroidery design company via Irene at Sunimp. She’s made a beautiful quilt (top?) with some embroidered medallions from San Francisco Stitch Company. Love her blog, too!

Treadleart—Heh, I’m already seeing that this bookmark exercise will probably cost some $$ as I rediscover things I’d forgotten about! Treadleart is a fine example. They carry Shisha mirrors (the page includes a great explanation of the different types of mirrors), made popular in the quilting world by Ted Storm, as far as I know. Treadleart also has Tidy Totes which you can buy already made up in various fabrics, or they have the kits including the pattern and kit refills to make your own. I’ve always wanted one of these, but I’ve never run across the pattern anywhere, and maybe now I’ll just buy one ready-made. Lots of other cool stuff awaits at Treadleart, but my only complaint would be a lack of a shopping cart system for online shopping. I could put on my Web developer hat and fix that for them…

Diane Gaudynski—I usually don’t even need to use this bookmark, since I memorized how to spell her name and now I just enter the address when I want to visit. Long time readers are probably aware that Diane is my Quilting Idol, and I do visit her site once a month for all her great quiting tips, and to look at her teaching schedule in hopes that Germany will be on her list of stops. I love her quilts, and I often take a look at her pictures while I’m there as well. I’d be even happier with her site if she started a blog, and published the tips as posts spread out over the month, instead of a big bunch in the beginning of the month. That way, I could subscribe by RSS and I’d have a better chance of absorbing one tip at a time…Hmm, I could put on that Web developer hat and fix that one too.

Artemis Exquisite Embellishments—Oh dear, here’s another site that’s likely to get me in trouble. Hannah Silk ribbons, here I come! I must have gotten this website from either Judith Baker Montano or Elly Sienkiewicz when I took classes from them in, um, 2000 maybe? Anyway, these hand dyed ribbons from Artemis are simply stunning, and now they have cording and piping, hand dyed silk/rayon velvet Hot Quarters, etc., etc., etc.! Note to self: plan some awesome project that uses some of those yummy things so that you have an excuse to order from them!

Soft Expressions—I originally found this website in 1995 or 1996 (I think) when I was doing a lot of Bargello Quilts and went looking for software to make it easier to design my own. More recently, I’ve ordered Tsukineko inks and accessories from them, and their website is full of other products, software and information for quilters and fabric artists. Sharla Hicks is the woman behind all of this wonderfulness; she’s the author of Computer Quilting Made Easy, and publishes a free newsletter full of information for the quilt software user. You can sign up for the newsletter here, and see a list of articles from prior issues as well.

That’s it for this week. Wow, at five sites per week and hundreds (or was that thousands?? 😯 ) to go, we’ll be here a while, won’t we? Good things take time, or so they say (whoever they are) and I guess this is job security or something!

Want to join me as I organize and purge my bookmarks folder? Feel free to use the Monday’s Melange picture above on your blog post when you share a few of your bookmarks (whether they’re in your browser or online at a social bookmarks manager like, then leave me a comment here so that I can add a link to your blog and everyone can visit! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Melange

  1. Hi Nadine, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You have a very nice website, I’ve bookmarked you and will come back. Have a lovely day.


  2. Kind of off topic, but then again–maybe not. Do you have a bookmark or know of a place I can send my wedding dress to have it turned into a quilt? I don’t feel comfortable doing it myself, and I found a place one time, last year, and I can’t remember the address and I didn’t bookmark it.

    Anyways, just wondering. Thanks! 🙂

    ps: Thanks for some sites to look at, btw! 🙂


  3. Hi Morgan, it sounds as though you caught on that I have a wide and varied selection of “stuff” in my bookmarks, but sadly I don’t have anything like that. When you do find it again, I’d love to know the link though!


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