The Misery Quilt progresses

I’ve been positively voluble lately. Maybe it’s because I finally feel recovered from the holidays or something. Today though, I give you fewer words and the promised pictures of The Misery Quilt in all it’s in progress, pain filled glory:

Inner border quilting, side center

I’ve hit a milestone: all the quilting lines that I marked with blue washout marker in October before I basted the quilt have now been quilted. Well, except for this little bit here that I missed, and didn’t notice until after I squirted the area with water:

background quilting around Sawtooth border

I hate it when that happens! That’s an easy fix at least. Now that all the marked lines have been quilted, I can mist the whole thing with water to dissipate the blue marker a little at least, since the quilt is isn’t anywhere close to finished, and I don’t want the marker to sit there on the fabrics any longer than strictly necessary.

Outside border, corner

Diane G. recommends that you don’t mist the quilt with water to remove markings until after the background quilting is done, since water will make the unquilted areas more poofy, and then it’s harder to put down the dense background quilting without pleats and puckers. I understand the theory, but I will probably have to put this monster away for a bit soon due to lack of time, so the background quilting won’t get done for months which would mean that the blue marker would sit there for ages if I don’t mist it.

setting area around star, corner

I decided that the lesser of the two evils would be to risk a bit more poofiness (such technical terms here), than risk the blue marker being on the fabrics too long. I’m also hoping that folding up the quilt and leaving it for a month or so will compress any problem poofing in the unquilted areas, so it will all be a wash by the time I get back to the background quilting. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it!

setting area around star

There’s a long way to go yet with all the background quilting since all the unquilted poofy areas you can see in the pictures will be quilted when the quilt is complete. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way this is turning out. Happy enough anyway, that I’m getting more excited about continuing on, and I’m a bit bummed that I’m going to have to put it away for a bit. Life does get in the way sometimes, dangit.

Quilt stats: approx. 82″ x 82″, 100% cotton fabrics, machine embroidered with Sulky rayon thread, machine pieced with 100% cotton thread, machine appliquéd, machine quilted with #100 silk thread, Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting. Started: Fall, 2004. Currently in progress, as yet unnamed–commonly referred to as The Misery Quilt, The Bird Quilt, or simply “monster.”

5 thoughts on “The Misery Quilt progresses

  1. Wow. What a beutiful quilt. I’m still practicing with my new machine, I’m making curtains for my kids room to begin with, and then I might start on a small quilt for one of my kids.

    I really didn’t buy the sewing machine for quilting as much as I did other things, like making clothes, cushions for our dining room chairs, and other craft things. 🙂

    But, that is a beautiful quilt, really.


  2. Hiya Morgan, thanks for your kind words about the quilt! A bit of backstory about the nickname can be found here and if you want to see more, here are all posts tagged with The Misery Quilt. The short story: I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt that was so disagreeable and uncooperative during construction, where nearly everything I tried or wanted to do didn’t go well, or as expected. It is finally on the road to good behavior, thank the Quilting Goddess!


  3. I thought about you today at “Road” when I bought something at Treadlearts. I haven’t been to a big quilt show in years and it was crowded and I went into sensory overload quickly. The quilt exhibit from Australia was just fabulous, though. The best of show was very interesting.



  4. Ooohh, you’re so lucky to be at Road to CA! I’m green! It is hard to take in everything at a show, I know. Well, actually, I think you just have to accept the fact that there will be things you missed, and move on. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the Best of Show and maybe they’ll put some of the Australian quilts online too!


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