Monday’s Melange #2

Monday's Melange

I’m back in my Bookmarks folder today to bring you another Melange on this happy Monday. I think I’ll spend some more time in the quilting section:

Embroidery Font Shop—This is a great source for pre-digitized fonts for all your embroidery projects. I have a few fonts available in my Bernina software, but when I need more, I know where to go. Great pictures, a fast loading site and delivery by download makes purchasing easy!

Electric Quilt Software–I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating (especially since I keep forgetting about it myself!). If you have Electric Quilt Software already, it’s worth a monthly trip back to the site to grab the free fabrics of the month. These are palettes of fabrics that you can import into Electric Quilt to use on your quilts when you’re designing. And something new I just found: EQ6 Show, an add-on slideshow viewer for your projects! There’s also an EQ5 version of the viewer. Much more awaits at the site, including free Block of the Month Clubs, and it doesn’t seem like you even need EQ for those!

Pattern Blocks-Exploring Fractions with Shapes–This site has a great little Java applet that allows you to experiment with arrangements of different shapes like triangles, squares, rhombuses, trapezoids and hexagons. I used it when I was working on the design for Butterfly Houses, during the early part of the design process just to get an idea of how I wanted to layout the design, and whether I wanted to use just hexagons or other shapes too. There’s nothing to download and it’s always there when you need it. Of course, it’s probably good for the kids in your life too, if they happen to be working with shapes in math.

Lizard of Oz—If you’re into English paper piecing this site is not to be missed. I can’t quite remember why I bookmarked this site since I don’t do English piecing, but maybe it also had something to do with the Butterfly Houses quilt. They carry a huge variety of preprinted shapes for paper piecing as well as project packs with all the shapes you need inside. A line of fusible appliqué patterns is also available, plus a whole page of printable design papers makes it easy to design your own English paper piecing quilt. The shapes are not pre-cut like some you can find out there, but if you’re looking for a specific size or shape that you can’t find pre-cut, Lizard of Oz may have it, or you can request that they custom make it for you.

Plum Creek Quilts—This is what I like to see: an online source for Jinny Beyer Palette and Moda Marbles fabrics that carries a huge selection of the available colors, if not all of them, all the time. The prices are great too; at $6.99 per yard, I don’t know how they stay in business. Even on the Jinny Beyer site, the palette fabrics are now $9.00 per yard. Plum Creek quilts also has fabrics by Blank Textiles and some beautiful, exclusive kits.

Want to join me as I organize and purge my bookmarks folder? Feel free to use the Monday’s Melange picture above on your blog post when you share a few of your bookmarks (whether they’re in your browser or online at a social bookmarks manager like, then leave me a comment here so that I can add a link to your blog and everyone can visit! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Melange #2

  1. Nadine, thanks for the reminder about the fabrics at EQ. I forget that from time to time! I don’t use EQ every day, but I’m designing a baby quilt and have been having a heck of a time finding just the right fabrics that will complement my DD’s perfectly coordinated Martha Stewart/Pottery Barn home. Thank you!


  2. Hi Morgan–just don’t do what I did, and not clean them out for years! I’ve absolutely no idea what made me bookmark some of the pages I’ve come across at this late date, which is the point of the exercise anyway, to get rid of those!


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