Monday’s Melange #3

Monday's Melange

I’m back in my Bookmarks folder today to bring you another Melange on this happy Monday. More quilting bookmarks:

StenSource International, Inc.—I found this place in 2004 when they had a booth at the Houston show. Home of the Creative Iron, fusible, laser cut fabric appliqués. I’ve yet to make something with these appliqués, but it’s on my list of to-dos. And check out these coordinating stencil sets that you can cut apart; they have all the stencils you’d need for a quilt, big blocks, small blocks and borders, all on one stencil. I suppose you wouldn’t even have to cut them apart, and then they’d be all together when you need to use them.

Red Rock Threads—This place is my favorite to buy threads! Based in Pahrump, Nevada (near my Las Vegas hometown), this nice lady has LOADS of different brands of thread in stock, all the time. She does one thing, thread, and she does it very well indeed. (Okay, she has some needles and embroidery supplies, but she does them well too.) Shipping is extremely reasonable; it used to be free, and just after she was forced to change policy due to rising Postal Service fees (long after the fees actually rose, btw), I talked to her on the phone and she actually apologized and said she felt soooo bad that she’d had to start charging shipping. If only other mail order businesses were like this, right? There’s lots of extra, free info on the site about threads, as well as conversion charts. Quick ordering, quick shipping, great customer service, what more could you ask for? Well, I could ask for YLI Soft Touch, which seems to be the only thing I’ve ever wanted that she didn’t have!

The Quilters Quarter—I have no idea why I bookmarked this one, or when for that matter, but I am happy to see that they have YLI Soft Touch cotton thread! I have a heck of a time finding this thread online for some reason. I use it in the bobbin for machine embroidery, though I’m not sure why I started that either. Somehow it just seems to make sense to use cotton thread if I’m doing embroidery for quilts; you know, that “cotton fabric, 100% cotton thread” thing. Quilters Quarter has a pretty nice selection of other quilting items, and I see a good selection of stencils there. Search Engine—If you’re looking for a specific fabric from a specific line, try this search engine. Boasting 213 Shops with 303863 Items, it will search all the quilt shops that have websites that are designed by Keys to the Web. This has come in handy on a few occasions when I’ve run short on a certain fabric and despaired of finding any more anywhere, and also when I’ve just been surfing around quilt shop land online and know I saw something I needed, but can’t remember where because those 213 shops all look alike and are all laid out the same. I can do a search, and usually get back to whatever it was!

Quilts and Quiltmaking in America 1978-1996—Another entry in the “no idea why I have this” category, but this is quite interesting. These pages feature quilts from two collections from the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress: the Blue Ridge Parkway Folklife Project Collection (1978) and the “All-American Quilt Contest” sponsored by Coming Home, a division of Lands’ End, and Good Housekeeping. I actually had this Pattern page bookmarked, and from there you can see the many quilts in many patterns that are in these two collections, and there is documentation for each quilt. Many of the quilts also have related audio files where the quiltmaker talks about the quilt. You could spend an entire day or two digging around this digital exhibit, and never see the same thing twice, but it’s so well indexed and cross-referenced that if you are looking for something specific it’s easy to find.

Want to join me as I organize and purge my bookmarks folder? Feel free to use the Monday’s Melange picture above on your blog post when you share a few of your bookmarks (whether they’re in your browser or online at a social bookmarks manager like, then leave me a comment here so that I can add a link to your blog and everyone can visit! Enjoy!

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