Girl meets quilt

I have quite a few quilts hanging on the walls in the stairwell of our house, and most of the time that works out fine, and looks pretty nice (way better than boring empty walls, in any case). Sometimes the cat decides to try to take them off the walls for me, but he hasn’t done that in a while so maybe he’s growing out of that particular quirk. (Just guess which cat does that!)

Then there are the times when the quilts get a little overly friendly and jump off the walls at people, which is what happened here, I’m sure.

The quilt gets friendly

This would be GuitarGirl stuck on the stairs with a quilt falling on her head, wooden hanging rods and all. Sometimes it’s just not her day. The quilt couldn’t possibly have fallen because GuitarGirl twitched it with the guitar case as she was going up, no sirree. *snicker* It was kind of her to “hang out” while I got the camera!