The cat and “his” quilt

Okay, we quilters know that any quilt is the cat’s quilt if and whenever he wants it and can get to it to decorate it with his fur, but sometimes they do have their own quilts as well. Shadow has his up on top of the shelf unit that serves as my computer desk. It’s nice and warm up there, and he can see the world, or make plans to pounce on Patches when he comes in the room:

Shadow's quilt

This particular quilt really is a cat quilt, since the pattern is pieced kitties and flowers. I made this years ago, way back in the beginning of the whole quilting addiction. It wasn’t always meant to be the cats’ quilt, but somehow along the way it became one. Our old kitty CB used it daily until she passed away, and then it sat in a bag for a bit until GuitarGirl would let me wash it. She was quite attached to CB, and was adamant that I not wash the quilt after CB went to kitty heaven. Now Shadow uses it almost daily.

I quilted it with some decorative machine stitches that were on my Pfaff 955 that I had back then. I had no clue what I was doing, and I couldn’t figure out how else to quilt it. The binding is a bit on the sad side (had no idea how to do that either at the time), and now it’s coming undone in the bargain. I’d take a picture of the actual quilt (once he gets done with his snooze), but it’s likely so covered with cat hair that it wouldn’t actually be worth it! I dug the pattern out of the closet and scanned the font of it:

Kittens in the Garden quilt

Even back then, I couldn’t just make the pattern like it’s shown; I had to make things complicated and do a black background, and then some of the flowers were too dark, and I think that added to the whole “how do I quilt this” quandary. The pattern even had suggested quilting designs in it, but that was also before I knew how to free motion machine quilt, there were too many curves in the quilting patterns, and I wasn’t doing it by hand for sure!

Being the packrat that I am, I’m keeping the pattern around. It’s not available anymore as far as I can tell, and you never know when you might need something like this for whatever reason. (I use that reasoning for a LOT of things which is why my house is too small. Note that I don’t have too much stuff, it’s the house that’s too small!) I don’t think I’d ever make it again, but maybe one of my kids will someday. It doesn’t take up much space in the overall scheme of things. 🙂

8 thoughts on “The cat and “his” quilt

  1. Dogs are like that, too. That is a sweet quilt!

    I love the photo–Shadow’s expression is great–and I’m sure there’s a clever caption that could go with it for


  2. What a cute pattern! I wish my kitty had a quilt when she had her kittens on Tuesday, then maybe she wouldn’t have had them on my wedding dress. ::Sigh::. 🙂


  3. My kitty hangs with me all day in my sewing room too. He’s taken to meowing early in the morning and just sits in the hallway until I go in. I’ve been wondering if having his own quilt might keep him off everything else. I seriously doubt it! but I love the idea of a true ‘cat’ quilt.


  4. Hi Karen and Welcome! Yes, the cat hair around here is soon to reach critical mass. If the boys would just learn not to shed, we’d be fine, but I’ve not figured out the training technique on that one yet!


  5. Morgan, I do hope that the dress lives over the kittens! (but congrats to the new mommy!) Post pics to your blog, I’m sure they’re adorable!


  6. Hi Kathy and Welcome! Well, since kitty insists, you’ll just have to quilt, right? Bummer! 😉 If you figure out how to get the cats to stay off of anything after you give them their own quilt, be sure to share. Maybe we need to come up with a special pattern that speaks to kitty’s inner self and fill it with catnip!


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