It’s movie time again…

ITMan came home from work on Thursday morning bearing the flu, and has been gracing the couch with his presence ever since. I’d rather have had a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates, but being the loving spouse that he is, he brought the flu. Obviously, we need to work on his romantic tendencies.

In between a trip to the eye doctor with LittleOne to get her eyes checked, and a stop at the optical shop for her new glasses (she’s just thrilled, I assure you), I’ve been taking care of ITMan, and trying my best not to catch the crud. I bet you can see where this is going. The only quilts in this story are the ones we’re lying under on the couch. It’s totally unfair, since I’ve already had the flu once this season!

I knew last night it was hopeless, and here I am this morning feeling too sick to quilt. My whole body hurts, including my hands! Good thing I saved the two movies I got for Christmas, because as soon as I can get a spot on the sick bed couch, that’s where I’ll be. On the upside, the cats will probably be happy that I’ll be available for their sprawling pleasure. Stardust and Elizabethtown are first up on the movie menu, but then I may have to watch ITMan’s John Wayne flicks send ITMan out for more. Assuming he’s well enough…


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