Quilting Interrupted!

HouseI can finally share this big secret with everyone: ITMan has a new job in Heidelberg, and we’ll be moving asap! We’ve known it was coming since the first part of December, and truly thought we’d already be moved by now, but thanks to the Army’s infinite wisdom, we’re still sitting here cooling our heels, but now they want him there and on the job on March 3. Heh, he might be there, but the rest of us won’t.

We couldn’t even start looking at houses until he had “the paperwork” which didn’t come down until three days ago. I did look at a couple of houses last week (knowing that the paperwork’s arrival was imminent), neither of which was anywhere close to perfect, and I was supposed to look at more yesterday, but the flu got in the way (and I’m still not 100% better!), and someone else rented the really wonderful one before we even saw it anyway. 😐 What’s the perfect house? While I’m not sure it exists in our price range, here goes:

  • 230+ square meters (around 2,500 square feet); we’re in 1,700 square feet now, and every time I turn around I run into myself! We need bigger, bigger, bigger.
  • At least 5-6 bedrooms/other rooms. Three for sleeping, and 2-3 for other stuff like sewing, computers and office space, and books and the kids musical instruments.
  • A two car garage, or a one car garage and a carport space for another 1-2 cars
  • A single family house, not a duplex, rowhouse, or apartment. I’m so done with having other people on the other side of the wall after 13+ years in apartments or duplexes. I’m not going there again.
  • Within 20-30 minutes of ITMan’s new office

Those are the “musts” but there’s a whole host of other stuff that is very high on the wish list too, so this house hunt will be interesting, and probably long. I’m not expecting to find my dream house here, but I’m also not interested in moving to something that’s not nicer and bigger than what I have now. Why would I want that? I’m more than happy to move, in fact I can’t wait to get out of Stuttgart. The kids aren’t so hot on the idea, mostly because we have to find new music teachers for them, and they really like the people they see now.

Quilting and blogging may be in shorter supply around her for the next little while, and the blogging may have moving overtones as well. The Army is already making things interesting frustrating with their “chicken and egg” approach to everything: you can’t do this before you do that, but that has to be done before you do this. With any luck, we’ll all arrive in Heidelberg with sanity and hair intact.

Oh, and I realize this is probably a long shot, but if any of you out there knows of a place to rent in the Heidelberg, Germany area, do let me know! Other than that, send me calming vibes—I fear I’m going to need them!

4 thoughts on “Quilting Interrupted!

  1. Didi,

    A HUGE congrats to ITMan on his new job! I know you have been more than ready to get out of Stuttgart. Glad you aren’t moving across the pond and will only be an hour away. Best of luck with your house hunting – we all know how frustrating that can be here.


  2. Hiya Jackie! Long time no see lady! I passed your congrats on to Eric. He can’t wait to leave! He’s already been deemed “unworthy” and “untrusted” by you-know-who. Hope to see you before we are outta here!


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