Sweet Success

After a very long day driving around Heidelberg looking at houses and meeting with people in the housing office there, we finally found a lovely house yesterday evening. We’ve always been so lucky finding houses and cars; every time we need to move or find a used car or something, something presents itself that’s just perfect for our needs at the time. When we’ve been dependent on the military for an apartment or house, we’ve been lucky enough to get the nicer ones in each community we’ve lived in.

Side of house with balcony

I began to think last week that our luck had finally run out, but we must just be living right, and deserving of some good house karma. (I did respond to a “Houses Wanted” ad that a family here in Stuttgart placed to let them know about this house that we’re leaving, so maybe it really was my turn for good karma!) We found a house in a charming little town about 30 minutes from Heidelberg called Angelbachtal; the town boasts two castles, one that is nearly just around the corner from our house and has moat!

The neighborhood is exactly the kind of place I hoped we would find, a nice, quiet little residential area not too far from some small shops. I’m really looking forward to more of a typical German living experience, where you can walk to the bakery or the meat shop, or take a little stroll in the evening to the local restaurant or beer garden.

The house itself is just about perfect, and even has a big barn (garage) for my Mustang to live in. (That’s the barn to the left of the house in the picture below) I say it’s a barn because it is very, very tall, and a bit narrow and doesn’t have a typical garage door, but large folding double doors to get the car in and out, and then a smaller person sized door inside the other doors, so it really looks more like a barn on the side of the house! They built the garage especially for their motorhome, so that’s how big it really is!

back of the house

The kitchen is nice and big with newish appliances, and a nearly American-sized refrigerator, which will be a unique experience for me these days. The rooms are big and there are plenty of them, and there’s a balcony off the kitchen/living/dining area, and a terrace in the big back yard. The spiral staircase leads right from the living room and is absolutely beautiful, with wood steps and an iron railing. Natural gas heating (instead of oil—yuck!) rounds out the list of happy features!

Now for the most important part: the sewing studio! The entire top floor of the house will be mine. All mine! The studio covers almost the entire area of the house, minus some storage attics in the front and back under the roof edges which will be put to good use. The spiral staircase leads to the top floor that’s completely open, with just a small room on one end that could be used for really dirty work or storage, and a larger winter garden with large windows on the other end (the winter garden windows are shown above the balcony in the top picture above, and face south west). Here’s the view of the top of the stairs and the winter garden, from about the halfway point of the room:

Soon to be studio with wintergarden

Then there’s all the space on the rest of the room that’s not even in the picture! I’m not sure what I’ll do with the winter garden since I have a completely black thumb (ITMan said he would buy me some silk plants and trees so I could have that “conservatory” look LOL!), but I’m sure the rest of the room will be filled in no time at all. I’ll have plenty of space for a permanent design wall and all the cabinets and sewing furniture I’ll need. Woohoo! It might be time to finally invest in some real sewing furniture now. Stitch on!

The owners are moving to Canada to work, and they are leaving some things in the house, like the lawn mower, ladders and all of their tools, and some of the closet type things if we want them. She will even leave the curtains, and they’re painting and replacing some carpets before we move in. They’ve never rented the house out before, so it’s well taken care of since it’s their own house that they’ve been living in all these years. All of this wonderfulness, and it’s even well within the price range!

We’ve gotten lucky and landed on our feet again, it seems. *happy sigh* I am content. Moving day is just around the corner at the end of March—I can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Sweet Success

  1. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see how you set up your studio in that space! I would love to have the experience of living in another country but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. In the mean time, I’ll live vicariously through you.



  2. Angela and Rian, thanks for the congrats! I’m really looking forward to setting up shop in there! I’m not sure I’ll be able to make myself get the kitchen unpacked first, but we do all have to eat… 🙂 Maybe if I fatten everyone up before the move, I can sorta let all that “mom” stuff slide for a bit after the move??? I’ll have to think on that one!


  3. I should be writing in green, I’m so jealous. Lovely place (put up more pictures!). I miss Germany so much; haven’t had a decent schnitzel or even wurst in 10 years now. Congratulations on such a great find. Enjoy the studio!


  4. Hi Eva! I have to let you in on the big secret: those weren’t even my pictures! I got those off of one of the immobilien sites where the house was posted. And it’s really funny that I looked at this very same house on the immobilien site a number of times, and thought it wasn’t right! Seeing it in person is so much different than pics.

    I’ll wait until we’re in the house, and then take a grand tour’s worth of pics and post them, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to come back to Germany for good schnitzel, my dear!


  5. Irene, you were right, of course! I don’t know exactly how big the studio is, but it must be at least 40qm, or about 430 square feet. It’s HUGE! I can’t wait to fill it up!


  6. This is awesome!! The difference between having the whole “dachgeschoss” instead of just a desk in the basement is great. I bet you’ll be more productive too, having all your stuff in one room.

    Angelbachtal has a GREAT Ritterfest in August with thundering horse/knight tournaments and ITMan will definitely eat well. If we’re still here I’ll meet you there!

    Congrats on finding a house that fits your needs!


  7. Hey Kristin, I think you’re right about the productivity part. And I’ve told everyone in the family that my studio is not to be the “catch all” for whatever we have that can’t find a home somewhere else in the house (that’s happened before).

    We’ll look forward to the Ritterfest, and I do hope you’re still here!


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