A bit of this, and some of that

Valentine’s Day came and went rather peacefully here. ITMan and I shopped for a couple of things for the girls between house viewings on Monday, and then when GuitarGirl put her guitar in my trunk on Tuesday evening before her lesson, she said “Way to hide the Valentine’s presents, Mom!” I’d forgotten all about them by the time we got home Monday night, and I never took them out of the car!

At that point, I said to heck with it and left it all there, since nobody else was going to be peeking in the trunk again before Thursday. The girls liked their little “I ♥ you” presents, and ITMan came home from work with a balloon bouquet of flower-shaped balloons for all of us. He’s such a sweetie!

We tried to go out to dinner at our current favorite restaurant, but they were closed for vacation, so we headed for the mall to have pizza and hit MediaMarkt for a few electronic-type purchases. Since we now know we’ll be here in Germany for another 3-5 years, we decided it was safe to buy a new cordless phone, electric toothbrush, toaster oven, and hair trimmer, and then ITMan decided he should have a new iron as well to replace all of the hand-me-downs he has received from other people when they move back to the States. Nothing like a mad dash through the electronics store to get the blood pumping and lighten the wallet!

Today I actually did some quilting, though it was a bit hard getting started. It’s hard to want to do anything now in my cramped quarters, when I know that in a few weeks I’ll have all that wonderful space to spread out in! Today it was “move this machine out of the way and set up the other one, and then move it out of the way to rotary cut, and move Patches off of the ironing board three times so that you can use it for ironing.” I think I need another ironing board for the new place so that we can both be happy, and I can still be productive.

I decided that I wouldn’t try to work on The Misery Quilt during all this moving stuff, since it would probably be too hard to really concentrate on it like I need to. So I pulled out a small wallhanging that I quilted a while back that was just waiting for binding. “Just waiting for binding” is a bit deceiving, because I wanted to try the Piping Hot Binding technique, which is obviously a bit more than “just binding.” This was to be the “try it out” quilt, because I’m hoping to add piping to the binding on The Misery Quilt, and I figured that a bit of experimentation before doing it on a show quilt would be a good idea.

Here’s a sneak peek before I’m off to bed to read:

Piping Hot Binding edge

I still have about half of the hand sewing to do around the edge on the back, and then I’ll share more pics and a full report on the Piping Hot Binding tool and book as soon as it’s done!