Monday’s Melange #4

Monday's Melange

After an unanticipated two week break for the flu and house hunting, I’m back in my Bookmarks folder today to share another Melange on this happy Monday. Today I’m surfing through some art, computer and Internet related links.

The Art of Monica Van der Weer—I love her artwork, and she offers it for download to use as desktop wallpapers. She does lovely paintings of cats, dogs and other animals that are reminiscent of Charles Wysocki. You can also send greeting cards featuring some of her paintings. I remember that I figured out how to put one of her backgrounds on the Windows Startup Screen on my office computer once, and then I couldn’t ever figure out how to take it off. My boss hated cats, but unless he’s bought a new computer since then, I imagine it’s still there… 🙂

Digital Blasphemy—Ryan is a wonderful digital artist and his desktop wallpapers are really cool. I have a number of them that I use depending on my mood or the season, and he’s always creating more to add to his members only gallery. He rotates some of his members only wallpapers out to the free gallery which I’ve linked to.

PlasmaDesign—Yet another desktop wallpaper site. These wallpapers have more of a Mac-ish feel to them, though of course they are compatible with Windows systems as well (or even Linux, if you are of that persuasion). Some of his wallpapers are free, and some are members only and require payment, which seemed fairly reasonable at the time I did it, which was years ago. He has some lovely landscapes and cool looking abstracts to spiff up your desktop.

DreamWeaver’s Quilts Wallpapers—As long as we’re doing the desktop wallpaper tour, I made a couple of my own a while back, that are free for download.

Favicon from Pics—You know those little favicons that you see in the address bar of the browser on certain sites? You can visit this site and easily make one for your own site (assuming that you are self-hosting your site, and not using Blogger or to host your blog anyway). Upload your picture, click Generate, and Viola! You can download the favicon to use on your site. (When you’re ready to add the favicon to your site code, use this line in the “head” section:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />

and you’ll see the favicon in the address bar of your browser.) This works in IE7 and most other widely used browsers AFAIK, but in earlier versions of IE, you only see the favicon if you’ve bookmarked the site.

Red Interactive Agency—Here’s a “just for fun” and “how did they do that” link. When you visit this site, you are assigned an avatar which you can change if you like, and you can chat with other visitors as well (and beat up on them, if you’re so inclined). Click and drag your avatar to move around the universe and interact. ITMan and I were on this site on two different computers one day, just to see how it worked. Don’t forget to fly!

Want to join me as I organize and purge my bookmarks folder? Feel free to use the Monday’s Melange picture above on your blog post when you share a few of your bookmarks (whether they’re in your browser or online at a social bookmarks manager like, then leave me a comment here so that I can add a link to your blog and everyone can visit! Enjoy!