Conversations of an OC Quilter

Ok, I’ll just say it: There is a part of me that’s a little bit obsessive-compulsive about some aspects of quilting, or certain projects. Here is the latest conversation with my OCQ (Obsessive-Compulsive Quilter) self after quilting one of the motifs in the setting triangles of the current project with some Valdani 35wt (very thick) variegated thread:

Me: This is looking pretty good. See?

Quilting with Valdani thread

OCQ: Hmmm, I’m not so sure about this fat, variegated thread for this quilting design here. I can’t quite decide if I like it.

Me: No, no it’s good, it really is. Isn’t it? I mean, I like the texture of the fat thread, and the cool variegated colors, and I even got the tension to behave so that there aren’t too many spots on the back where the top thread is showing. So it’s all good, right?

OCQ: Well, maybe if the design wasn’t so dense and detailed, it would be better with the fat thread, but for this design, some thinner thread and a color that didn’t show so much would look better. That blue-green variegated is just too much for the quilt, dear.

Me: Ok, maybe you’re right, and it would look better with different thread, but you know, this isn’t for show, it’s for LittleOne’s room in the new house, and it’s just a “get it finished” item off of the Creativity List anyway. It’s not like Quilter’s Newsletter is going to show up at the door for a photo op or anything. I’m using the thread I started with and you just get to live with it.

OCQ: Hmfph. (goes off muttering and mumbling)

The non-OCQ part of me proceeds to quilt two more of the motifs while trying to ignore the OCQ’s mumbling and muttering going on in the back of my brain. Then I start thinking about what I’m going to do in the other parts of the quilt, and what thread I’m going to use. I see another variegated fat thread on the rack which is a very subtle beige to off-white variegation, and then the conversation promptly starts up again:

Me: Oh good, I can use this when I quilt the flowers in the middle of the quilt.

OCQ: You should have used that in the setting triangles, and used the blue-green variegated thread for the flowers. It would have been soooo much better that way.

Me: *Sigh* No, no, this is fine. Go ‘way. I don’t want to take all the quilting out and start over. It’ll be okay.

OCQ: I’m telling you, it would look much better if you use the beige variegated in the triangles. Really, trust me.

Me: Ok, maybe you’re right, but I repeat, this isn’t for show, it’s for LittleOne’s room in the new house, and it just needs to get DONE. Quilter’s Newsletter is NOT going to show up at the door for a photo op! I’m just going to continue on and remember all this for the next quilt. Beside that, LittleOne likes blue, and she likes the thread. Go ‘way.

OCQ: *Sniff* Suit yourself, but you’ll spend the rest of your life looking at that quilt on the wall thinking “It would have been so much better if I’d used that other thread in the triangles.” You’ll see.

Me: GAAAAAK! OK! You win! I’ll try the beige variegated thread in one of the cornerstones see if I like it…

OCQ: *smirk*

Quilting with Valdani thread

Me: Fine, you’re right, it’s better. Maybe. I’m still not sure, and it’s hard to tell with the blue marker in there, you know. And I really don’t want to take out all that other quilting and do it again either.

OCQ: So squirt it already! I’m telling you, there’s nothing for it but to bite the bullet and take out the blue quilting and do it again. Really, it’s the only way you’ll be happy in the end.

Me: Well, I don’t know if I’ll be happy or not, but it’s the only way I’ll get you to shut up!

OCQ: *Sniff* You don’t have to get hostile.

Quilting with Valdani thread

Me: Ok, there, I quilted one of the triangle designs in the beige variegated thread. You win. I believe you already. I’ll have to take out all the other quilting and do it again in the beige. I hope you’re happy now.

OCQ: Ecstatic! You’ll thank me later you know.

I’m going to go start doing the frog stitch now that the OCQ part of me has been appeased. Meh. Please tell me I’m not the only one with a pushy OCQ inside that rears her ugly head too often!

6 thoughts on “Conversations of an OC Quilter

  1. Oh, that darned OCQ. I try to ignore mine, but yes, mine speaks up and even though she often makes more work for me, it’s annoying how often she’s right. Oh, and the motif done in the beige variegated thread does look gorgeous. I sympathize with the frogging you must now do… 🙂


  2. Hi Suzanne, and Welcome! Thanks for your kind comments. You’re right, it’s more work for me, but I’ll be happier in the end with the lighter thread. I’m still frogging, though! 😦


  3. I have learned to listen to my OCQ early on, because if I ignore her, she will get louder and louder and I will end up doing it anyway…


  4. > No, you are not the only one. But I think I’m getting the upper hand, I am getting better about looking past the things that OCQ pokes me in the ribs about. (yeah, right.)


  5. LOL, Kim! Louder and louder is right. My OCQ has a big mouth too! These OCQs must all be related to each other.

    Rian, do I detect a bit of wishful thinking there? 😀


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