More Inchies!!!

Note: Today’s Monday’s Melange post has been preempted by Inchies. Sorry, but I wanted to spend time making Inchies, not looking through bookmarks!

Inchies: It’s what’s for dinner! That’s what I told my family when they asked what was on the meal plan today. 😉 Okay, not really, but I wanted to! Here’s another set of Inchies that I’ve finished (click the pic to see them bigger):

My mind is workin’ overtime thinking of a way to use these in a bigger project, and I’m starting to get scared. That’s what usually happens when my mind works overtime; I have this sudden overload of creativity, and then I get involved in too many things and there aren’t enough hours in the day. But these Inchies are soooo fun, I just might have to throw caution out the window and go with the gut. The gut says “make more, more more!”

I sent a link to the first post about Inchies to my mom, along with some other ideas I have for projects that require LOTS of Inchies, and this was her response:

Didi…. Is there a 12-step plan out there somewhere? You REALLY need one, dear….

She’s always looking out for me…sort of… 😯

5 thoughts on “More Inchies!!!

  1. *Mom snickers* Well, “sort of” would be the appropriate statement, yes. Actually, if you recall, I’m the original “tiny is sooooooo much better” person – remember the dollhouses/furniture etc. all in 1″ – 1′ scale? So yes, I can see the attraction!


  2. Yup, I remember. I hadn’t really thought about the dollhouses for years though until the other day. We were at the new house with the lanlords, and she makes dollhouses, so she had one there. What ever happened to all the stuff you had, anyway?


  3. It’s all in the northwest attic. I doubt I’ll ever do anything with it again. When we get ready to move, I’ll have it all out and probably donate it to a Boys and Girls club….


  4. Inchies are a quilter’s quick fix!! Yep – they are adorable AND addicting. Maybe we could organize a quilter’s inchie swap??? I have a few inchie posts on my blog too.


  5. Good idea Cathie, but for now I’m going to stay away from swapping, at least until I’m a little bit more familiar with the process! Thanks for your comments!


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