And yet more Inchies!

I did get these done a couple of days ago, but I’ve been overcome by “non-quilting-stuff” since then so too busy to share. Maybe I should turn that “non-quilting-stuff” into a formal acronym, since it seems to interfere in my quilting life waaaayy to often to really suit. “Non-Quilting-Stuff,” I hereby dub thee NQS for short.

Anyway, here are the last two sets of twelve Inchies that all came from the same fabric (click for bigger pics, but in the pics below, they are close to life size, at 1″ square):

And here are the other two sets that you’ve already seen, just so you can see, all on one page, how different they are even though they’re all from the same original piece of fabric:

I did have six more Inchies from the same fabric chunk, but I decided that I didn’t really like them after all (they were kinda boring) and I was tired of working with that particular fabric. Also, I really need to experiment with some other materials, as the Timtex I used for the innards of the Inchies is really too hard to hand sew through to attach the beads. I was going to toss them in the trash, but ITMan stopped me, believe it or not!

I have some ideas for alternative materials, and I have a tiny sample chunk of Fast2Fuse that I got at the Houston Quilt Show the year it came out (that was 2004, the year of the books about Fabric Bowls and Boxes) that I’m going to try shortly, maybe tonight after dinner. See, this is why I keep these things! This little bitty sample is coming in handy now, isn’t it?

I’m completely hooked. My family thinks I’m nuts, but it’s certainly not the first time, and probably won’t be the last. I’ve picked out the fabric and all the beads and embellishments for the next (small) set with the Fast2Fuse sample, and I’m movin’ out! Then I have to hit the LQS for some other materials for the innards that I want to experiment with…and maybe some more beads, threads and embellishments while I’m at it. I’m in love with my quilting again! 🙂

Edit: Here’s a pic of the original fabric that all the Inchies came from (click to see it bigger):

6 thoughts on “And yet more Inchies!

  1. That’s – just – amazing that they came from the same fabric! Wow. Oh hey…. do you remember the bits of fabric pieces from antique silk kimonos that I got at the Smithsonian 30 years or so ago? Now THOSE would make som truly OUTSTANDING inchies!


  2. Hmmm, is that where I got the kimono piece that I used for part of a Jacket Jazz jacket way back when? It was an embroidered piece with borders and then backed with silk. I’m thinking that eventually I’ll take all the jackets apart anyway and use the parts to make textile art pieces for the wall, because chances are good that I’ll never wear the jackets again. When I get settled after the move, maybe I’ll have to start with that one!


  3. Yes, that’s where it came from. I had several pieces, offered them to you and you took a couple of them probably based on colors or whatever. I might even still have the others around…. in one of the attics…. or somewhere. Kind of like the “Cats Baskets and Quilts” cross stitch pieces.


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