Just Inching along…

…in more ways than one. On the creative side, here’s the latest batch of Inchies:

Pastel Inchies

I started this small set with the sample chunk of Fast2Fuse that I had here, and some Caryl Bryer Fallert Ombre Stripe fabric that I picked up at her shop in Paducah last time I was in the States. The fabric looks like this from selvage to selvage, except the colors on mine are in a different order for some reason:

Ombre fabric for inchies

I hacked off a chunk that was sort of pinky-lilac from the middle, and another that was blue-greenish and used one on each side of the Fast2Fuse. I quilted the sandwich with some variegated threads, and then cut it into 1″ squares. From the start I knew that I’d use four of the Inchies with one of the fabrics as the “right side” and four of them with the other fabric as the right side, so I divided them up based on what was most interesting in color and design of the quilitng and background fabric.

I edge stitched around the outside and couched some larger decorative fibers down, and then added beads and more fibers by hand. I can’t say that I liked using the Fast2Fuse better than the Timtex/fusible web combo that I used for the first Inchies, though the hand stitching for the beads and other accents was easier with the Fast2Fuse. I’m just not sure I like the whole finished product as well, since the Inchies from the Fast2Fuse are not as firm and they bend more than the Timtex ones did.

The edges are also nicer on the Timtex Inchies, but I didn’t use the exact same threads for the edging, so that’s not an apples to apples comparison. Once I’ve tried some more combinations for the innards, I’ll have to make some duplicate sets with all the same materials and threads on the outside so I can really compare the insides to see what works best. Onward!

On the non-creative side, I’m going into countdown mode for the move, so there’s way too much NQS going on. ITMan starts the new job in Heidelberg on Monday so he’ll be commuting until we move. I’m making lists, cleaning out, decluttering, making plans and many phone calls, and it feels like it’s never going to get done. I know it will eventually (and for some things there’s nothing I can even do to hurry it along) but right now that light at the end of the tunnel is pretty dim. I’m sure I’m not telling any of you anything you don’t already know about how painful moving is. 🙂

We did visit the new house again last week when we signed the rental agreement with the landlords, and it all looks even better the second time around, so we feel even more confident than we did before that we made the right choice. We already have a great relationship with the landlords; they’re helping us out on some things, and we’re doing the same for them, and everybody’s happy. I just.can’t.wait.to.be.done.moving, so I can play in my new studio!

Oh, by the way, I updated the last post to include a pic of the original fabric that all the Inchies in the four sets came from!