A Series of Unrelated Rants

Why?? Because that’s what I’m feeling like today. And these probably have nothing to do with quilting, unfortunately. I’d even be happy to be working on some quilting project that wasn’t going well, as opposed to not quilting at all, which is how it is right now. Anyway,

Rant #1: Six weeks ago or so, in preparation for the move, ITMan cleaned out the storage room. Um, let me rephrase that so that it actually fits with reality: Six weeks ago, in preparation for the move, ITMan was supposed to have cleaned out the storage room. Okay, that’s better. I had planned to be around for this big event which was likely to take the better part of two days, because I knew there was stuff in there that I would need to a) prompt him to GET RID OF, and/or b) look through myself and decide what to do with it.

Somehow I wasn’t around for a good portion of that first day, though I have no idea why at this point. When I came home and he said he was done ( 😕 ) with the whole storage room project and he’d cleaned out and gotten rid of everything that needed to go, I was very skeptical, especially when the only things that needed my attention and decision making abilities were two little bags of stray Christmas decorations that he didn’t know what to do with for some reason.

Even under close, repeated questioning, he swore that the job was done. Flash forward to last Saturday. He went into the storage room to locate the old ceiling lamp that was hanging in the dining room when we moved in, so that we can replace it and take the one we installed with us when we move. He didn’t even think it was in there, though I KNEW it was, and I couldn’t understand why he was so confused about it since he’d just been in there a few weeks before cleaning and sorting, right?

Right. He starts pulling stuff out to try to find the lamp, and I start seeing things that shouldn’t even still be here. Many, many things, all of which should have gone bye-bye six weeks ago when he supposedly cleaned the storage room out. Two SUV loads left the house yesterday, most of which was from the storage room, and we only got through half of it. What exactly did he do six weeks ago? Got me!

Rant #2: During all of this cleaning out, we discovered the kids’ baby books, buried at the bottom of one of his boxes of “stuff” that hasn’t seen the light of day for well over six weeks (think 7-10 years here). GuitarGirl’s book is a bit fat, and there’s actually a fair bit of stuff written in it, though keeping records like that was never my strong point. LittleOne’s book is a bit thinner and sketchier, since writing in the baby book wasn’t exactly top priority when I had two little kids. Bad Mom Award here.

I know we have lots of pictures of LittleOne of course, as well as locks of hair and other baby type keepsakes, but they’re not with the baby book because the book has been MIA for all these years. I said to ITMan that I needed to get some data and keepsakes together before we show the books to the kids, or LittleOne might feel bad about it all.

So what does he do? The moment the two kids walk in the room he says “Hey, look! Here are your baby books!” And LittleOne looks at hers and the first thing she says is “Mine’s so thin!” Strangling would have been too quick a death for that man at that moment. I tried to let him know later exactly how much I appreciated his efforts there, but he’s sometimes the king of insensitivity, so off he goes on his merry way and I’m still agonizing and feeling guilty over the whole thing a day later and will be for some time, probably until I can gather all the bits and pieces and fix the dang book. Obviously, at bottom it’s my own fault for not filling up LittleOne’s book, but I didn’t need his help being the less than perfect mom. I do quite well at that on my own, thank you very much.

Rant #3: While Shadow has lived over his reaction after the shots last week (which, by the way, a doctor at the Centers for Disease Control claimed could not have been caused by the rabies shot, and told me that my vet needed to figure out what was wrong with that cat because it was purely coincidental. Please.), he started sneezing on Friday morning at about 4 a.m. Back to the vet we went on Friday afternoon, since I wasn’t willing to bet on it getting better over the weekend.

The vet could find nothing wrong with Shadow, who didn’t sneeze once during the entire trip, either in the car or at the vet’s office. The doctor kindly (and at high cost, I’m sure) took blood from his little foreleg and tested it then and there to get a count of his blood cells to see if he had any virus or bacterial infection at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So why the heck is this cat still sneezing, and it’s Monday morning? Got me!

The vet said maybe it was a reaction to the corticosteroid shot that he had to have to fix his reaction to the rabies shot, and that if he didn’t stop sneezing in four or five days to bring him back. He’s still sneezing, as I said, but maybe not as often. Maybe. And now I’m just waiting to see what will go on with Patches. I won’t feel secure about his shots until it’s been at least another week or two without some sort of reaction. Sheesh.

Rant #4: I just met with the man from the moving company for a pre-inspection, and he told me that we have 20-24 thousand pounds of household goods. OUCH!!! The Army only pays for 18, and each thousand pounds that we have over 18,000 costs us 240 Euros out of our pocket. Eeeeewww. So, guess what we’ll all be doing more of between now and moving day? Toss, toss, toss!

I figured out that it’s $0.37 per pound, and if something is on the undecided list, we need to figure out if it’s more worth it to pay to move it, or buy it again if we ever need it. It probably pays to keep most things if it’s really something that gets used, but it still hurts, and it’s annoying since it feels like because we live over here and depend on the Army to move us around, I have to feel guilty about how much stuff I have.

The other bad news is that it probably will take at least seven full days to pack, load and unload our house full of stuff, and I’m already hearing stink from ITMan about him having to take five days off work so that he’s around when the movers are here. Too bad, I tell you, because it’s the new job that caused this problem in the first place, with their “Army red tape incompetency issues.” They offerred him the job in December, but then said they didn’t really have approval to offer him the job at all yet, so we waited for the approval until the end of January.

Once they got the approval, we waited for whoever to get it together to give him travel orders, and we were told we couldn’t look for a place to live until that was done. At that point, it was “Okay, here are your orders, now hurry up and get here and start working, and any delay is undesired and not workable!” Never mind the fact that we didn’t have a house, and hadn’t time to look for one, which is why he’s already up there working and commuting every day and we’re still here with the stuff in our old house. The Army used up all the time we would have had to move in between jobs (when he had a full week of vacation, and could have taken more) with their issues, so they can just put up with him being gone for days on end while we get moved.

Okay, I’m done ranting now, at least for today. For those of you who have sympathetically (I hope!) read through all of this dreck (which could probably be termed “whining,” but I still feel justified in doing it), I leave you with a cute picture that makes it look like the cats, at least, are ready to move:

Patches and Shadow, ready to go

They don’t have a clue, do they?? And by the way, that box they’re sitting on? That’s the dining room lamp, which was indeed in the storage room, just as I knew it was. As for me, I’m going to go try to get rid of something, in hopes to reduce our household goods weight, and then I’m going to work on more Inchies for at least a couple of hours later, just to spite the world, and try to keep a small portion of my sanity!