An Inchies Birthday Party

I’m still here, and I’ve been reading all your posts about your quilting adventures, just not having any of my own. It’s hard to think about anything really seriously except the interminable nightmare that is moving. It’s “keep your eye on the ball” time, but that dang ball is still so small I can hardly see it! Good thing it’s neon yellow and flashing…just a sec, let me get the binoculars…oh, wait, is that a detour sign? Yeah, that’s how it is around here at the moment!

I’d like to just move maybe one more time in my entire life. Do you suppose that’s even possible? One more move from hell to get back to the States, and then never move again. Right now, I’m totally envious of those people who just stay in the same place their entire lives. It probably won’t happen, since ITMan’s career isn’t like that, but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, it is almost over, and today’s the last time I have to go to the Stuttgart Commissary for food, thank heavens. Today is also the last birthday I’ll celebrate have in this house. For anyone who’s keeping track, I’m 41. There isn’t much celebrating going on here, but I may just have to insist on a sit down later to watch a movie and work on some Inchies and call it my birthday party! I stitched the edging on a bunch before I packed the Bernina away, and the beading stuff is easy to find and portable. I doubt there will be singing, but there might be some chocolate, and definitely a Cosmopolitan!

Hope you’re all quilting, and do write more so I have something to read during my short sit down moments between moving tasks!

9 thoughts on “An Inchies Birthday Party

  1. Happy Birthday Nadine! I know only too well that waiting for the moving…I know I have one more move in me in this lifetime–to the assisted living home! I don’t mind moving too much overall because the decorating of a new place is so much fun.

    As much as I love to travel the world, I couldn’t fathom living outsie the US.


  2. Thanks Kristin! And I will take you up on that if I need anything on that end, for sure!

    Rian, I agree about setting up and decorating the new place, and that’s my light at the end of the tunnel at this point. I can’t wait to get there. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


  3. Thanks for both wishes, Paula! Housewarming sounds very inviting right now…

    Hi Nadine, thanks for the birthday wishes, and time flying is definitely a good thought!


  4. Happy birthday Nadine…a few days late. Good luck with your move. Did I tell you I had a quilt in the recent “Road To CA”…you inspired me last year when I read (and heard your podcast) about entering a quilt. A friend did the piecing and applique and I did the machine quilting. Ok, it didn’t win any ribbons, but just to have it pass the Jury was an honor.

    Best of luck with everything! –Vivian


  5. Hiya Vivian! No, I didn’t know about your quilt at Road2Ca, but CONGRATS! Yes, getting past the jury is fab!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!


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