Speaking of visual chaos…

Yes, we’re here in the new house near Heidelberg finally, and the move is “over,” sort of. I’ve been busting my butt plowing through the mountains of boxes, and trying to get organized in the new space. “Mountains” is not an exaggeration, by the way. I continue to be amazed at the amount of stuff we had packed into the other house since I’m filling this one up rather quickly as I unpack boxes and arrange furniture, and it’s 1,000 square feet bigger just in living space, with more storage and a garage in the bargain. Where the heck was all of this stuff before? I swear it multiplied in the truck on it’s way here or something!

I’ve also realized a few things during this whole process, such as:

I’m not as bad a housekeeper as I thought. This comes home to me (again) every time we move, because when I set my mind to it, I can clean a house and it will be spotless. When we leave a house to move to another, we kill ourselves cleaning it to within an inch of it’s life, and this last one was no exception. Unfortunately, the houses we move into are never as clean as the ones we leave, and this one followed suit. I’ve spent a good bit of time cleaning years old dirt, lime deposits, etc. out of this house since we arrived, and don’t even get me started on the state of the dishwasher. Suffice it to say that it was a perfect example of why we thoroughly rinse our dishes before they ever get near the dishwasher. 😐

I love my living room furniture again, now that it’s in a room that’s truly big enough for it. I bought the most wonderful looking couch and loveseat set, only to have buyers remorse almost instantaneously and continuously for the last three years. The living room at the old house was so stuffed that it looked ridiculous, and I even said to ITMan awhile back that we should sell it and buy something else. He went one better, and got me a new house that fits the furniture! I am content. With the living room anyway…

I’ve unpacked seventy percent of the boxes probably, and my studio is looking nearly ready for some creative endeavors, and anything that’s left is something that has to wait for a trip to the hardware store or furniture store, or I have to wait for ITMan to help before it can get done. Even so, I’m still unable to really sit down and focus on some fabric. I’ve been wandering around doing this and that here and there this evening, and I finally came back to the computer to check on a couple of things and think about writing a post here.

I was reading back over my last post to get back in the blogging groove so to speak, and I started thinking about how this statement is completely applicable to the current situation:

And believe it or not, visual chaos affects the flow of creativity. When things around me clash and I have to look at them, it’s not calming or conducive to creativity for me. I can’t focus on whatever creative thing is in my head if whatever is around me is visually chaotic.

That’s the problem, right there. There is still chaos in some parts of the house, and creativity is not flowing. Well, creativity in organizing and arranging is doing just fine, but when it comes to quilting, it’s not there. There are boxes to unpack and things to do, even if it’s not just me who needs to do it. If cardboard boxes aren’t visually chaotic I don’t know what is! Even though I can’t do much about some of it right now, it’s still there, and I know it’s there, and it knows that I know it’s there, but it’s calling me to deal with it anyway.

If I could just get some of that stuff that’s still in boxes to shut up for a bit I could be creative, but I fear creativity will have to sit tight for a few more days. We’ll hit the hardware store this weekend, and maybe I can squeeze in a trip to the Arts & Crafts for some quilting and fabric inspiration to get me going for next week!

6 thoughts on “Speaking of visual chaos…

  1. I can’t be creative in a mess. Period. Dust is another thing. If there is a layer of dust on the furniture, I am stuck. It’s almost like magic–I dust the furniture and creativity flows again. Wierd.


  2. Glad you are settling into your new home. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new quilting space. I think that statement about visual chaos could also include mental chaos – I couldn’t concentrate on a single thing in the last couple of weeks, but hopefully the worst is behind us now.


  3. Rian, I’m a little bit that way about dust too, if I can see it! I swear I should have gone for the lighter colored wood in the house, but no, I have to fall in love with dark cherry, which means seeing dust is almost a constant thing. But if it’s on something else where it’s not jumping out at me, I can ignore it rather well!


  4. Irene, I’ve no doubt that concentration and creativity were severely lacking for you the last couple of weeks, dear, and with much more reason behind it than I’ve had over here. Sometimes, quilting can take you away from it all, but when “it all” is something huge, quilting isn’t always possible.

    Hopefully now that things are looking a bit better, you can do something quilty for you if that would relax you and take the edge off!


  5. Welcome to the neighborhood! I’ve had the same experience as you regarding clean (or not) homes. Cleaning two houses in a short amount of time is exhausting — physically and mentally. On the upside, the people who lived in our house before us were so weird and such slobs that we could hardly do any wrong. The minute I brought the flower boxes from the balcony at our old place and hung them at the new place, the neighbors loved us. 😉


  6. Thanks Kristin! I’m not sure what the neighbors over here think so far, since we’ve not heard much from them. The previous tenants are the owners of the house, so who knows?!?


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