Tour the New Studio

The new quilting space is set up and ready to rock. Here’s the view of the winter garden end as you come up the stairs:

View of wintergarden from stairs

Then looking left, you’ll see my new desk space, and between the desk and the winter garden windows is the bookshelf with all the quilting and computer programming books.

Desk and bookshelf area

Continuing on around the room, the cabinet there is full of projects in progress, and the shelf unit holds supplies and a few more projects. The tone-on-tone fabrics are all on the shelves to the right of the door into the library (which isn’t really a library just yet as all the books are still in boxes!). Back in the corner there between the shelves is the entrance to one of the attics.

Projects and fabrics

Here is the design wall and cutting table, though I’m still waiting for my Block Butler design wall to come in the mail. I left this space wide open, so there’s lots of room to stand way back to analyze designs! The three-drawer chest that serves as the base for the cutting table is full of print fabrics.

Design wall and cutting table

Now we come to the sewing area. The shelves hold miscellaneous notions and the embroidery unit for the Bernina 440. The two tables have enough space so that I can leave three machines set up all the time, the Bernina, the Pfaff 2056 and my serger, as well as the MacBook, and still have room to work.

Quilting area

Here’s a better view, including the iron and board on the left. The winter garden windows are to the left, so there’s quite a bit of natural light in this area (well, on days when we see the sun, anyway. Today there’s no sun. 😦 ).

Quilting area again

Still on the wish list beside the Block Butler: more lighting, especially for the design wall area; more seating since I only have the one office chair at the moment and dragging it across the room is a bit silly; and a new ironing board, possibly with a Big Board-type topper. I may spring for a small flat panel TV to watch movies and hook up the Game Cube and the Nuon player, but I haven’t decided if I really want to sacrifice the space for that when I can watch movies on the MacBook that is next to the Bernina anyway.

The lighting could be a small issue, but only because all the outlets in the room are on the winter garden end, and they’re all full already anyway, so I’ll have to run extension cords from the library. Other than that, I have no excuse not to be working my fingers to the bone in here! It’s heavenly to be able to spread out finally, and have everything I need in one place and easily accessible.

There’s a fine line between having what you need in one place, and having too much stuff though. A couple of my show quilts are rolled up for storage and don’t have a place to be in here, but I don’t want to put any more furniture in here to house them or the short list of other leftover items that are camping out in the library for now. There’s quite enough stuff in here as it is, and I still have room to baste a quilt on the floor by the design wall, so any leftovers may have to just stay where they are permanently.

It’s pretty sad to have this much space and still not have a place for everything! Sheesh. I’m just hopeless, I guess!

6 thoughts on “Tour the New Studio

  1. It looks great and you are so organized. I know exactly what you mean about having so much space and still not having a place for everything – we can blame that on our addiction!

    Congratulations on all those ribbons – WOW.

    Hope you spend many happy hours in your new studio.


  2. Hi Paula! I do enjoy it up here, I must say. I will be lovely when I can really get to work!

    Heh, I don’t think I’m really all that organized, Irene, it just looks that way right now because I’ve just unpacked everything! It’s probably deceiving, and things will look more normal after the first bout of excessive creativity blows through and leaves everything looking like a bomb exploded. Thanks!

    Thanks, Rian! I’m going to enjoy my years here, that’s for sure, and then I’ll be totally spoiled when we have to look for our next place to live. I hope ITMan’s prepared for that!


  3. Hey Kristin! Heh, “elbow room” is right! I can’t believe I used to live in an apartment that wasn’t much bigger than this studio! Lovin’ it… 🙂


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