Just another day-not quilting

I’m really tired of unpacking boxes, running around to various stores looking for things we need for the new place, figuring out how to settle in to this new house, etc. I want to quilt, but it seems that whenever I try, something else comes up to get in the way. Friday and Saturday it was the heating system, believe it or not.

The heating system is lovely in theory. It’s programmable so that you can have up to three separate periods of heat and hot water daily, and times when it shuts down automatically when you’re not home or don’t need hot water and heat, so it can be really energy efficient I suppose. Unfortunately, the owners had it set so that heat and hot water were only available in the early morning and late afternoon to evening on the weekdays, and all day on the weekends, since those were the times they were usually home as they both work.

Obviously that doesn’t work for us, since the girls and I are home all day, every day. So I’ve been fighting with the heating system since we moved in trying to stay warm and have hot water when needed just to get by until the plumber could come and reprogram the thing. The owner was quite insistent that I not reprogram it myself, despite the presence of a perfectly understandable manual in English that says how to do it. It’s evidently too complicated for her to figure out, so she figures I can’t either. Okay, fine, but my ice cold shower at 10:00 a.m. Friday morning was the last straw, and I told her I wanted to see this plumber asap or I would start pushing buttons!

The plumber was here Friday afternoon to reprogram, and all seemed to be fine and well until Saturday morning when the radiators were all ice cold. Plenty of hot water all day, but not once did the radiators heat up. I said to heck with what the owner thought and got the manual and started pushing buttons to try to get the thing to put out some heat since I couldn’t reach the plumber all morning.

He finally came back at around 5:00 in the evening, and decided that the water temperature was set too high for the water hardness level in this area 😯 , not to mention that the sensor that decides when the water is hot enough wasn’t even in the water, so the thing wasn’t ever deciding that the water was at the desired temperature so it could switch over to heating mode.

After he left, we had a few warm hours, but then at 10:20, the radiators were cold again. I pressed the override button and it put out a little heat last night, but this morning all the radiators are ice cold again. Plenty of hot water, no heat. I called the owner again and she’s trying to reach the plumber today I guess.

Here we go again: I’d like to quilt, but between the regular stuff on the schedule like food shopping and Girl Scouts and the expected visit from the plumber today, it’s probably not going to happen. sigh Things were much simpler in the “old days” when the boiler was either on or it was off, and if it was on, you had heat and hot water, period. Sometimes, modern computerized conveniences are just a menace!