Epic, yet small

I’m beginning to get past some of the confusion and uncertainty of direction on my current project, which I’ve dubbed Epic Insanity Elemental Changes as a working title. I settled down to really play with some of the fabrics I sorted the other day, and I have these to show for it the last few days (click for a bigger pic):

Deep Water Inchies

I really love making Inchies! I’m afraid I’ve become completely addicted to these lilliputian works of art, which is a very good thing, since my big plan for this project calls for no less than 510 of the little suckers. 😮 And this project comes with a show deadline attached too: October 1, 2008! 16 down, 494 to go!

Needless to say, there will be Inchies on the brain and in the blog for some time to come. I’ve been digging through tubs and boxes of embellishments that I’ve stashed away over the years, and cruising the Arts & Crafts shop for anything new, unusual, and usable in such a small scale. Three of my favorite finds: Artistic Wire colored copper wire, Robin’s Nest Dew Drops, and Hoffmann Originals Bead Gravy.

Wire, Dewdrops, Bead GravyThe wire is great (as any of you who do scrapbooking surely know already), because it’s easy to shape into swirls, zig-zags, hearts, even a treble clef! The treble clef was ITMan’s idea, believe it or not!

The Dew Drops were also a scrap booking department find, and I love them as well. These little flat-backed, domed plastic bits are appropriately named, and are the perfect size for Inchies. I do still have to hunt up a more effective glue to attach them, something that will permanently adhere them to the fabric, but dries clear so the fabric can still show through the Dew Drops.

Bead Gravy comes in small packages of many assorted glass beads in coordinating colors, so you get a lot of variety without breaking the bank. I’ve been filling in the color gaps in my bead stash with these little packs of seed beads, bugles and small cubes that are the perfect size for Inchies.

I have 20 more Inchies in similar colors to the ones above sitting on the table ready to embellish, so I’ll be spending the day on them while the kids have some Dad time! If you know of an adhesive that might fit the bill for the Dew Drops, “dew” let me know! 😉 Happy Quilting on this lovely Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Epic, yet small

  1. That is a lot of inchies. The ones you have made look wonderful, and I look forward to see your progress.

    I’ve done a few small pieces on which I added inchies, and I keep thinking I’ll do more. Some day. When I have extra time. LOL


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