Car talk: Bernina 8 Series

Bernina 8 Series adThis is interesting: I received an email from Bernina about the unveiling of the new 8 Series in Kansas City on July 21, 2008. Hmmm, “8 Series” makes it sound like a Mercedes or something…You can witness it live in Kansas City during a two-day event or register for the free webcast on the Bernina USA site. Space is limited in Kansas City and I got the impression that they’re only giving out a few spots for the webcast even, so if you want to see it, register quick!

From the email:

It’s the unveiling of a masterpiece…From BERNINA.

On July 21, 2008, you could be one of the few to witness the exclusive debut of the only luxury high-performance sewing and embroidery system in the world. It will redefine the art of sewing as we know it.

Don’t miss this historical event.

Attend the Kansas City unveiling event in person July 21–22, 2008. Or experience it live on our free webcast.

Wow. “Luxury” and “high-performance”: more words that add to that “car” impression. And “redefine the art of sewing as we know it”??? I don’t even know what to say to that, except “marketing ploy.” 🙂 I was telling ITMan about this, and he said “Oh, I know! It’ll be voice activated, and you’ll never have to touch the fabric. ‘Left, turn right, curve around the edge!’ Or wait, to make a block, you’ll just have to say what you want, and say ‘Engage!’ But you have to have the right hand signal like Captain Picard, you just have to have that. You know, like ‘Engage!'” as he waves his hand to demonstrate. *snicker*


Seriously though, just out of curiosity I registered for the webcast, since hopping over the pond to Kansas probably isn’t on my list of to-dos this year. But I really can’t imagine that the 8 Series will outdo the 440 that I have in any way that will prompt me to rush out and buy one. Just about the only thing that the Aurora 440 doesn’t have that I miss is a low bobbin warning light. However, it’s not like I’d stop sewing when the light started flashing to take the rest of the thread off the bobbin and wind a new one, I’d just keep sewing until it ran out like I always did on every Pfaff machine I owned which had that feature. I think it’s more a matter of being forewarned so that I’m not surprised when the bobbin runs out, and the fact that for a high-end machine like this and the price you pay to own one, there should be a bobbin light, dang it.

Regardless, I’m sure that even if the 8 Series has a low bobbin warning light like it should, that alone wouldn’t make it worth the upgrade price, at least for me. My machine is only a little over a year old (which reminds me that it’s about time for servicing…oh, wait, this thing tells me when it needs a trip to the service guy! What’s not to love?), so there you have it. It would probably be like trading last year’s Porsche for the new model. Why? Unless the 8 Series really is voice activated, and then all bets are off!

I’ll admit to being keen to see the webcast though, and see if there really is something to drool over… 😀 Go register and we’ll all watch it together!

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  1. Husqvarna-Viking have been hyping their new machine too which is ‘debuting’ in June – all kinds of teaser e-mails telling us that it, too, will revolutionize the world of sewing.

    I guess with the price of sewing machines now, it IS almost like buying a new car!


  2. Hee hee hee — I’m thinking you say “9-Patch; make it so!” and off the machine goes. 😉 Maybe this is the machine that makes your coffee for you. That *might* be worth the upgrade. But I agree, my 440 is about three years old and it would take an awful lot of arm twisting to get me to trade it in.


  3. Yep, for $125 you too can be “invited” to the premier in Kansas City. Or you can go for free to your local dealer, but “space is limited.” I’m very curious about this baby, but at rumored $8-12,000 it’s way too rich for my blood. I think it will have a wider harp (throat?) which will be wonderful for quilters, but I bet it will have the 9-mm width foot, which isn’t so wonderful for quilters. I adore my 630 and didn’t want to go any higher because I love that great Bernina central bobbin and the 5.5-mm foot for quilting and for heirloom sewing. I know the rotary bobbin is faster at embroidery and quieter, but I love that 5.5 straight stitch too much!

    But a TOL Bernina is sort of like a TOL Cadillac–what you find on the latest one eventually works its way down to the working-man’s model. So I’m full of curiosity!


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