The very end of the Moving Saga

The Big Move is officially over. We finally received the keys to the garage on the 21st of June, nearly three months after we moved into the house. That was not how it was supposed to be; the landlords really took advantage of us on that one, I think. In any case, here’s the view of the ‘Stang’s new home, our strange and unique garage:


The landlords built this garage to house their motor home, so it’s very tall and very long. The doors are just weird; instead of a normal garage door that lifts up (automatically at the touch of a button in a perfect world), these are bi-fold doors that open to the side, with a smaller door inside one of the bigger doors so that you can get inside to open up the bigger doors from the inside. I won’t drag you through the myriad steps necessary to get the car in and out of the garage; suffice it to say that the doors are not easy to open, and a total pain to close making the whole process extremely unfriendly to the user.

But it is a garage, which we didn’t have before, so it is an improvement, however painful it might be to get in and out. Because it’s so long, there’s plenty of room for “garage things” like winter tires, a workbench, all the bikes, tools, cleaners, car care stuff and plenty of garden tools. And it can be warmed in the winter if needed, thanks to a giant radiator on the side wall. I’m not sure why it’s heated, but hey, we can be warm while we detail the car if it’s cold outside.

No need for the radiator this morning though, as it was a warm 75-ish outside when we washed the car at the little wash rack just on the edge of our neighborhood behind the local Opel dealer, and then detailed it with some much needed TLC in the garage. My poor baby sat out on the driveway for nearly three months baking in the summer weather and being a big target for the local avian community, so the cleaning and care were definitely long overdue. At least it will stay cleaner longer in its new home. Now I can quilt for the rest of the day! 🙂