The New Plan Pays Off

At least I think it pays off. Here’s the latest view of the Inchie Quilt on the design wall:

Inchie Stars Quilt

You can see the other design stages here and here. There are no more changes in the plan coming though, since it’s all sewn together. I think I like it. Though I hope that feeling isn’t just because the piecing went extremely well; all those little fussy points matched up perfectly, and it’s remarkably flat considering the number of pieces and seams.

Each square in the quilt will have an Inchie attached, so this dramatic black, white and grey quilt will burst with color when complete. The original idea required that the quilt design stand on it’s own perfectly well without the Inchies, and I think it does. I still have to tackle the border piecing, but I have to draw it out first. The background of the border will be a black fabric with a bit of linear silver metallic overprinting, and there will be more places for Inchies in the border.

So, have you figured out where this quilt is going yet?

6 thoughts on “The New Plan Pays Off

  1. Well, no, but it’s a good try Emma! 😀 I know how you are loving this black and white thing right now. Thanks for your encouraging words!


  2. I’m out of the show loop right now so I don’t know what the possibilities are. Being square, I’m going to take a wild guess and say the annual Husqvarna World of Beauty (is that the one with a square format?) competition. But, if there’s anything with an “elemental” or “geometric” theme then that’s it. I’m loving the drama of this as it is and I can’t wait to see the colorful inchies added — I really can see it exploding into color and texture. I’m not usually a big fan of inchies, but I can see that you have considered a very appropriate application of the little jewels.


  3. Nope, not the Husqvarna show, but I might look into that one… 🙂

    Thanks for your encouraging comments, Kristin. I think I’m glowing over here!


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