Comings, Goings, and New Friends

Life is funny sometimes. Since my friend Dawn left nearly three years ago, there hasn’t really been anyone close by that I hang out with or quilt with regularly. During one of our last outings just before she moved, we joked that I should put an ad in the paper for a new best friend, something like “Wanted: New best friend; must like quilting, shopping, chocolate and long telephone chats. No small kids. Cat lover a bonus, transportation not required.”

It’s been a pretty dry three years since then. I did feel a connection with Kristin, but she lived in Heidelberg, and we didn’t really have the time to get together again after our quilt day, and then she was on her way out of the Heidelberg area just as soon as I got here. There have been other quilting friends here and there, but not anyone that I could say I had a real connection with.

Quilt a Travel Souvenir

Quilt a Travel Souvenir,
by Kimberly Einmo

Enter Kimberly Einmo. Oddly enough, she used to live in Ramstein, and we met briefly when she was teaching quilting classes in Stuttgart years ago. I watched her quilting career with interest; she wrote Quilt a Travel Souvenir, a great book of quilts and patterns inspired by her European travels while she lived in Germany. She’s back here in Germany now and living in Stuttgart, arriving just after I moved from Stuttgart to Heidelberg. Go figure.

Actually, we can blame the timing of all this on our respective husbands: ITMan was just leaving the company in Stuttgart just as Kimberly’s husband was going to work for the same company, and Kimberly’s husband would have been ITMan’s boss had we stayed in Stuttgart! Perhaps the men knew they shouldn’t get us together, because we’ll probably help each other spend money. Well, not that we really need any help with that, I’m sure. 😉

We decided to get together last Tuesday, and it was just the most fun day! We have so much in common, I feel like I have a quilting sister already. And it’s not just quilting things we have in common either, it’s bunches of other things as well. We had so much to talk about that we couldn’t really finish a subject and say what we wanted to say before we were sidetracked by the next thing and off on another tangent. Kimberly has many of those “best friend” requirements from the ad that Dawn and I joked about: likes quilting, shopping, cats, has older kids, and doesn’t care if I always drive. I don’t know about the chocolate or phone chats yet, but I suspect she can deal with those as well.

By lunchtime, we’d decided that there would be many quilting days together in our future, and we’d just alternate back and forth between our studios in Stuttgart and Heidelberg to meet. Kimberly is teaching classes at the first AQS Quilt Expo in Des Moines, Iowa in October, and since I’ve been wanting to get to a quilt convention soon anyway, I decided to go to Des Moines with her. By Wednesday, I had airline tickets in my hand! Look out Des Moines, here we come!

3 thoughts on “Comings, Goings, and New Friends

  1. Nadine —

    Wow — what a lovely blog you posted today! The feeling is definitely mutual, as I had the best day with you last Tuesday and enjoyed every minute! It is so rare to find a friend with whom you can instantly feel a connection, and finding a new BQF (best quilting friend) in you is one of the nicest things to happen to me since moving back to Germany! I just loved how our conversation flowed from one subject to the next so effortlessly — and we never ran out of things to talk or giggle about!

    I’m truly looking forward to our trip to Des Moines — we’ll have a ball — but I’m looking forward even more to our get-togethers, shopping trips and sewing days in the coming weeks! The road from Stuttgart to Heidelberg is short!

    Until then —



  2. Hey Kim – welcome back! When will you start your “mystery quilt” classes again at the Goose! Also loved playing with the mystery ruler classes you had! Look forward to seeing you again!


  3. Jackie —

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome! It is GREAT to be back — a dream come true, actually. And I’m looking forward to the opportunity to teach some new and exciting mystery quilt classes again at the Arts and Crafts Shop on Patch this fall or winter!

    I know they’ve had a name change, but it will always be “The Goose” to me!



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