The Low-Fat, On Sale Connection

Aside from the fact that fabric has no fat, and it’s safe to consume as much as you want without thought for what it will do to hips and thighs, there’s another, even stronger connection between fabric and low-fat/no-fat foods. To some people in our house, if a food says it’s low-fat, it just means that you can safely consume at least twice as much. ITMan proves this frequently with Reduced Fat Oreos, Ruffles and Fig Newtons.

So what’s the fabric connection? Just this: I’ve been meaning to relate my trip to the Arts & Crafts to get more fabric for the 14 Year Quilt Plan. I’d purchased a couple of yards of this beautiful floral print, hoping it would go with the border print that I already had:

Fabrics for the 14 year quilt plan

It does work quite well, all things considered. I headed back over there, planning to buy at least 5 yards of the fabric, since I want the border to be wider on the quilt and I don’t exactly know how much I’ll need; when I got to the shop, there were six shelves of fabric bolts on sale for 50% off! So I bought the rest of the bolt, which was 10 yards, so now I have a total of 12 yards of this floral print!

When I started to tell ITMan about my luck with the exact fabric I wanted being half price, he rolled his eyes, and said “I suppose you bought the entire bolt, right?” I said of course I did, the same way he makes an entire box of Reduced Fat Oreos disappear in one sitting. He knew he was beaten and had nothing more to say about that one. 😉

3 thoughts on “The Low-Fat, On Sale Connection

  1. My LQS and also, I noticed, Connecting Threads, has started to offer off the bolt for $7/yard for all fabrics. My LQS said they have to do this and hope for increased volume of sales or they won’t make it in the current economy. I wonder if this is going to catch on, if this is actually a good thing, or if it will mean more stores will close in the long run.



  2. Both of those fabrics are gorgeous! I would have bought the rest of the bolt too – as my grandmother used to say – it doesn’t eat anything. That was her rational for buying things.


  3. Hi Kelly, I’d have to vote on the side of “not good” if stores are being forced to lower prices that far, just to stay in business. It’s a short term thing, and can’t be maintained forever. My girlfriend in NC came back from a road trip reporting that many of the quilt shops she visited were either out of business entirely, or had drastically reduced stock because they can’t afford to reorder in the present economy. Doesn’t sound good.

    Thanks Irene! I think I’d have loved your grandmother! 🙂


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