The Sleeping Shelf

cats sleeping

This is the view in the wintergarden on this fine September afternoon. It’s nice and quiet here, and it turned into a beautiful day, which means that the wintergarden feels like a sauna, and the heat is migrating into the Studio. Shadow and Patches are in heaven on their sleeping shelf under the windows. I’m hanging out in the back room at the beading table, trying to stay cool(er)! Hmm, I don’t think I ever shared a picture (or the story) of my new beading area.

Perfect Sewing Caddy double towers with a table top from HinterbergI really wanted to order one of these Perfect Sewing Caddy double towers with a table top from Hinterberg, and I was willing to pay for it. What I wasn’t willing to do was pay them $250 to ship it over here. Sheesh. I realize it’s wood and all but, well, never mind. I wasn’t ready to spend $1,100 total on the thing.

A quick trip to Ikea (well, as quick as trips to Ikea ever are which is to say, pack a lunch, you’ll be there a while…) produced something even better, quite perfect actually, for less than half the price:

Beading Table

Three separate pieces: two bases on wheels with drawers (lots and LOTS of drawers!), and a tabletop, and I’m in business with plenty of space for all the little bits and bobs, beads and bangles, tools and fibers I’ve collected for a good part of my life. ITMan did have to do the “some assembly required” (more like “all assembly required” actually) but we’d have had to do that anyway with the pieces from Hinterberg. Get a load of these drawers:

Beading Table drawers

Six drawers in each base, four shallow and two that are deeper. Awesome. And perfect. Did I mention this was perfect?!? And being less than half the price only adds to it’s perfection. It’s more than a “Beading Table,” it’s an Embellishment Station. So now I can go hide out in the relative coolness of the “Library,” or back room, or Little Studio, or whatever it is when it’s too hot in the Studio, and play with all the bits and bobs, beads and bangles, tools and fibers, and I can even close the door if the other residents of the house are gettin’ on my last nerve.

And the cats? Well, they’ve finally decided they’re well done and have had to remove to the floor in the studio for a break:

Getting out of the heat!

7 thoughts on “The Sleeping Shelf

  1. Hi V, and welcome! Thanks for the idea! I submitted this to IkeaHacker, and I can’t wait to peruse THAT site at length. Looks like some great stuff there.

    I’m about to fix up another IkeaHack as well for my cutting table. Stay tuned!


  2. Hope Shadow is feeling better. That is a great drawer system – I’m off to check out my Ikea catalogue now – and also that IkeaHacker website.


  3. Great solution! Those shallow drawers look perfect for all our little bits like beads and threads. I am soooooooo missing IKEA right now (there are none on the islands).


  4. Hi Irene, Shadow seems to be over it, whatever it was! I’ll probably never know, but I suspect he ate something that wasn’t “cat friendly.”

    Paula, you’re right, most of their stuff is quite flexible, I have to agree.

    Well, if the Ikea stores in the States are anything like they are here Rian, they’re set up as a “destination of the day” anyway, and the embellishment desk might just be worth the trip!

    No Ikea on the islands? 😯 Wow. I hate going to Ikea, but sometimes it’s the only place to get some things I need because I can’t get other stuff shipped here from the States. And now that I think about it Kristin, living in Hawaii has to be nearly as bad as living at an APO address in Germany when it comes to shipping things, since it all still has to go by air. Sheesh.


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