AQS Show Des Moines–Quilts, Shopping, Walking

The AQS Show in Des Moines was a great time! Kimberly and I walked and shopped and dined our way through Des Moines, laughing the entire time. I’ll let you take in the quilt show stats and recap at her blog, and confine my first report to some thoughts and impressions:

Never let your husband (or any male, significant other or not) buy a laptop computer for you to travel with. His goals (big screen real estate, high processor speed and low price, in that order, and weight is no object) are vastly different from yours (lightweight and small, in that order, and price is no object). Pick out your own and save your back and arms when traversing three or more airports in 15 hours.

Never take just one pair of shoes, or even two, especially if they have any sort of heel or semi-pointy toes. Always have a flat backup pair with a big toe box, even if they’re ugly, don’t go with your clothing and your grandmother wouldn’t have been caught dead in them.

Never assume that the guy at hotel check in knows that you hate being right by the elevator, ice machine, soda machine, stairs, etc., or that you like to have a bathtub as well as a shower to keep your options open. Just be high maintenance from the get go and tell him what you want.

Never rely on the show literature to tell you the true walking distance from your hotel to the convention center. They measure it as “the crow flies,” completely discounting any required twists and turns through skywalks, around major buildings or via crosswalks that will save your life. If the show book says it’s .5 miles, count on a mile and a half. Each way. At least twice per day.

Never discount the value of a big breakfast at the hotel regardless of the cost. It will likely be the best and cheapest meal you have all day until dinner, which you’ll probably be too tired to enjoy properly or even consume the greater portion of anyway. And breakfast delivered to your room is even better since you can eat at your leisure (the only leisure you’ll enjoy all day as well) and have some quiet cups of coffee or tea. It’s only a couple of dollars more than eating in the restaurant, and for less than a twenty spot extra for the week, I’m there.

Never discount the benefit of laughing until you cry about something so totally off the wall (like chewing gum) that when you share it with someone later, they just look at you and say “I guess you had to be there.” When it happens though, it’s probably a sign that you need some sleep…

Never tell anyone back home that you’ll write, call, chat on IM, update Twitter, or otherwise communicate while you’re away. Chances are you won’t because you’re either too busy or sleeping like the dead, or wishing the jet lag would go away so that you could sleep at all.

Never commit to blogging while you’re on the road either. While you’re out at the show or shopping, you’ll think of all kinds of things to say on your blog, but by the time you get back to your room and the computer, your mind is complete mush and you won’t remember any of it at all.

There you have it. I did do some serious damage to the plastic, both at the mall and at the quilt show. I’ll share pictures of the loot from the quilt show in the coming days, just as soon as I gather it back up again. I had a blond moment when I unpacked and put it all away in my studio before I thought about it!

I’ll leave you with this shot of the show floor at the convention center, taken from the upper level:

Show floor at Des Moines

More to follow…

4 thoughts on “AQS Show Des Moines–Quilts, Shopping, Walking

  1. Nadine — thanks for the sharing, laughing (gum, mints, AND beer bottles in the grass…) schlepping, walking, and shopping! I’m not even over the jet lag yet, but is it time for our Houston trip yet?


  2. You forgot about the slepping chocolate from Germany to your girl friend in the States ( My new son-in-law loved it!) Wish I could have gone to Des Moines…..My daughters wedding had priority though! Will be misiing you guys in Houston….Hurry up Columbus!


  3. Hi Nadine,

    My name is Chris Bowers, from Baltimore MD. Today I participated in the Playtime workshop given by Diane Hire and received your letter and fabric from the workshop in Des Moines. Thanks! Diane spoke at our guild last night about the Oxymorons exhibit. Everyone who took her workshop today had a good time – I liked her techniques. I’m also enjoying your quilts and exploring your website.



  4. Kimberly, Ditto, girl, ditto!

    Dawn, you’re right, I forgot about the 20 pounds of chocolate! It was a great place holder for all the stuff I brought back though… 🙂

    Hi Chris! How great to hear from you! I really enjoyed Dianne’s class as well. What a fun game that is with the envelopes! How to make quilting friends without ever meeting in person! Thanks for writing!


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