Take the Machine Quilting Workshop–Online!

Machine Quilting--Master the Basics

I’ll be teaching Machine Quilting—Master the Basics online at Quilt Campus, November 8-29. This is the same class that I teach in person for shops and guilds, and it’s equivalent to more than 6 hours of instruction. Online workshops are great, since you can do the work at home, on your own machine, and at your convenience but still have the instructor available in an online forum setting to answer questions or provide guidance. Interested? Find out more at Quilt Campus, and register for the workshop now!

2 thoughts on “Take the Machine Quilting Workshop–Online!

  1. I want to get a new bernina machine for quilting. Do you have any ideas which one is best? Thank You, Rose Ann


  2. Hi Rose Ann, you should head to a Bernina dealer and test drive the machines, and tell the sales rep what kind of quilting you do, what type of quilts you make, etc. They can help you find your best choice!


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