The Smoking Iron

Well, there wasn’t really any smoke, but only because I was right here by the iron when it decided to die an untimely death. For the last couple of days, my wonderful iron, the best one I’ve ever had, has been making these little clicking noises, like it does when the thermostat cycles on and off, only much faster, and the light was going on and off in time to the clicks. I kept an eye on it, figuring that if the thermostat was going out, it would eventually cease to heat up, and a cold iron doesn’t do the job. WRONG.

The dead iron

That’s what happened tonight, when I went to the ironing board to have a look at the iron because there was a hot metal and overheating electrical smell in the room. Oddly enough, the smell wasn’t strongest by the iron; in fact, it didn’t smell at all right by the iron, so I picked it up and put it down on the board to see if it was heating up at all, since perhaps the smell was coming from something else, and the iron was status quo.

Obviously, it was the iron that was emitting the smell. I immediately turned it off and unplugged it. I’m really NOT happy, on a number of levels. One, if I hadn’t been right HERE, it could have been bad (I don’t leave the iron on when I leave the room usually, but heck, if I’d left to go to the bathroom, this could have been a much worse scenario!). Two, this was the BEST IRON EVER. I probably can’t even get another one like it, which leads me to three, I don’t have time for this right now! I do not need to have to spend any time at all going to the store to search for the perfect iron at the moment.

But wait, would you believe that I searched Google for Bosch Bügeln, and came up with the same exact iron, that I could order online, and for quite a bit less money than I paid for it the first time around? It’s served me well for years, never leaking or spitting water or deposits, and I think it even fell off the board once thanks to the cat, and it survived. It was well worth the cash I paid for it back then, and even more worth it now. Whoopee! It was so cheap (relative to what I paid the first time, anyway) that I even paid the company for overnight delivery, which means I’ll have my new iron on Thursday (not tomorrow, since it’s already so late). I’ll have to live with ITMan’s wimpy iron for tomorrow and part of Thursday, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Okay, so I’m still not a happy camper that it died, but at least I know I have another one on the way, and nobody got hurt. The only small injury was to the ironing board cover. ITMan said I should have listened to my instincts about the iron when I heard it clicking on and off, and stopped using it, though he didn’t suggest that at the time. I didn’t want to panic about it, but I guess I should have. I’ll remember this the next time, for sure.

So it’s all good again except that, of course, while I was writing this and buying the new iron, the lights in the bathroom cabinet went out completely when my daughter tried to turn them on. It’s not the breaker, and all the bulbs didn’t go out at once, so I guess it’s the switch or something, since there is power in the unit because the plugs in the cabinet are still working. *sigh* I guess it’s not a good day for electricals in the house. I think I’d better just shut it all down, and go to bed before anything else goes haywire!

2 thoughts on “The Smoking Iron

  1. I feel your pain about your iron. I just sent my best iron ever back to the manufacturer for the 3rd time. A letter to the manufacturer of your iron might be a good idea since this could have caused a major fire.

    Thanks for your tutorial on squaring your quilts. I think the only difference in the way I do mine is there is usually a dog, rather than a cat, sitting on mine!


  2. Well, this iron isn’t as good as the other one, unfortunately, despite the fact that it’s essentially the same iron. Totally not fair. I may have to get with the manufacturer at some point to ask if what it’s doing is “normal’ since it’s not like the other one.

    And you’re very welcome on the tutorial. I know Ben wants to be the center of attention just like the cats!


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