Aside from all the important “usuals” like healthy children and family, a wonderful husband and life partner, his good job that keeps us in food and clothing and other assorted necessary and fun things, and just generally a far better life than maybe anyone has any right to expect, I’m greatly thankful for a few more specific things at the moment:

  • I’m actually going to have a book published by this time next year, and I’m on the cusp of that “career in quilting” that I’ve been aiming at for years.
  • I have two wonderful children who are being total troopers through all of my quilting preoccupation, and a husband who plans to cook Thanksgiving dinner himself so that I can work through the day.
  • I have friends that are still my friends, despite my desperate phone calls and emails in which I share this publishing roller coaster that I’m on right now. If you’ve been on the Space Mountain ride at EuroDisney, you’ll know exactly what I’m feeling some days, and I’m thankful that my friends haven’t blocked my email address, removed my blog from their RSS reader and unplugged the phone when they see my number in the caller ID.
  • The above can also be applied to my mom, who would obviously still be my mom, but I’m glad she’s still answering my emails and calls with a sympathetic ear and some good advice and input. It’s sorely needed, and much appreciated.
  • I have readers that are still reading (I think) despite the spotty posting schedule, not much creative content, too few inspiring photos and lack of committed attention to my blog and website. At some point, things will even out and get back to something that resembles normal, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you’re still here through all this. THANK YOU!!

I am truly blessed. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Still reading Nadine. I am looking forward to your book. Although we readers don’t know its content yet, we may have an inkling. I hope Turkey Day in Germany is sweet.

    Here in Los Angeles it is spectacularly beautiful as rain as settled all the smoke from 10 days ago. You are right. Life is good.

    Temple City, CA


  2. Still reading, Nadine. Sometimes I don’t write a comment, but I always read your posts. I agree with Kelly–life is good.

    Blessings to you and yours…and a husband who is cooking T-Day dinner, how cool is that!!


  3. Hi all, thanks for stopping in to let me know you really are still there reading. One more thing to add to the list of “not getting done promptly”: answering comments! I’ve been woefully late on that as well, but I DO read them all, and appreciate every one!

    Hi Lisa, and Welcome! Thanks for the well wishes!


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