Patchwork Times–Birthdays, Un-Decorating and Finishes

Since the New Year’s holiday, I’ve been trying to find my motivation. It seems to have gone on walkabout without me. I know this is what happens when I “take a break” from major projects, which is exactly why I don’t do it to often. I find it really difficult to get into the grove again, even after just a day or two of being away from work, whatever the “work” is at that moment. So I can’t say that I’ve been terribly constructive in the past week and a half, partly due to that absent motivation, but also partly due to normal “stuff,” like:

A birthday

LittleOne’s 12th Birthday celebration, and

Patches and XMAS

The Christmas take-down, despite the cats “helping”.

Finished quilt!

I did, however, finish up the last few quilts for The Book, and I mailed them to AQS yesterday.

WooHoo! Now that the manuscript is really finished, I can move on to some other related tasks: creating classes and workshops, programming the website that goes with the book, and programming my online shop so it can open by mid-May. Whew! Stage 2, comin’ up! Motivation, please come home…


3 thoughts on “Patchwork Times–Birthdays, Un-Decorating and Finishes

  1. I really would love to see you interviewed for the podcast after your book comes out. I think Jennifer Ackerman Haywood reaches a large audience.



  2. I think, (also for Simple Arts podcasts) that your book will sell itself to these two amazing bloggers. I know they are always looking for something new, something different, and something that can be done by their readers. So I would write to both of them when the time is right and let them know you live in Germany and would like to introduce yourself to a bigger audience.

    This should be a cakewalk for someone as organized as you Nadine. I am a SLP but my daughter was a studio arts major in college and I have been exposed to design. I love your whimsy blended with precision and others will too.


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