I decided last weekend that I should put together a class on satin stitch fusible applique. I came up with this wonderfully lovely method some time back, which then got slightly buried by developing material for The Book. I set out to create some sort of simple design that could work in a 3 hour class format, but ya’ know, I can’t draw. I’m just not all that good at it to be quite honest. The first design I came up with out of thin air was okay, and had potential, but was way too complicated for a 3 hour class.

Some agonizing amount of time later, I had another idea for simpler designs, and I set out to find a picture of a shoe on the Internet. Just a shoe, no foot please, on a plain background, like what you’d find on some website that sells shoes by mail order. I found the shoe, borrowed the photo, sized it and printed it out, and used it as a model for my own shoe design. The lack of drawing skills was overcome, and a little faith was restored.

Just a shoe

I cut out some bits of fabric and fused them in place, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the cutest little shoe design ever! Then it needed a hat and a bag. Wash, rinse, repeat, and now there’s a set of three, though without the promised satin stitching (I’m waiting for thread to arrive in my mailbox):

Shoe, hat, and bag designs

These designs are just perfect for a short class, and ripe for embellishment after. They can be used for fabric postcards, in quilts, pillows or other home accessories and the whole theme could be expanded upon for even more fun. I was so happy with the results of this little design project. But the irony: it seems that every single thing I do these days involves messing with fusible web.

As I’ve said before, I HATE fusible web! I hate fusible anything. I hate transferring the designs because I always forget to reverse them. I hate the mess it makes on my iron when I think “Oh, it’s just a little piece and I’ve cut it so carefully, surely I don’t need to drag out the pressing cloth.” I hate it when the paper won’t pull away from the web with some products. I hate it when I make a mistake and have to try to get it off and I know it’s impossible, but I still spend hours trying.

The whole premise of The Book is dependent on fusible products, as is much of the work that I’ve done lately that doesn’t pertain to the book, and I flat out HATE them, and I always have. When I’ve dreamed of writing a book all these years, fusible anything was just not in it.

It’s just completely mind boggling, really, that I should be gravitating toward and having such success with these methods that are so heavily dependent on products that I despise working with. I think I must be just bat crazy. It’s the only explanation. Or I’ve lost two of my remaining three brain cells thanks to living with a teenager, and consequently have no more to rub together.

Yes, that must be it right there. I’m sure of it.

8 thoughts on “Irony

  1. What perfect fabric placement for the shoe! I’m so glad there is at least one thing you’re not good at. I can’t draw either (stick figures are a stretch!) and it’s a surce of endless frustration. I, too, search the internet for images to trace and adapt!


  2. Oh, Emma! There are way more things than just drawing that I’m totally not good at, I just either don’t try to do them, or don’t mention it when I do! 😉 You made me laugh, and today, that was golden!


  3. Those are just too cute! You could have taken the words right out of my mouth about not needing the pressing cloth for this tiny little piece! I can hardly wait to see what you are going to do with them.


  4. Hi Irene! Thanks! Isn’t it funny how we know we shouldn’t take shortcuts, yet we do it every time?!? And then we’re usually sorry, especially when we have to clean the fusible muck off the sole plate…sheesh. 🙂


  5. Crazy or not, those ARE the cutest shoes evah! I love the hat and bag too and hope you get to embellish them as well. They are just perfect class material. 🙂


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