The New DWQ

Welcome back! I’ve wanted to redesign the site for some time now, and I finally figured out how I wanted it to look, so here we are. Whew! It’s been a LOT of work, but I’m very happy with the new site, though it’s kind of like moving into a new house; you have to figure out where to put everything so it all fits, and looks nice! Let me share some of the new and/or improved features:

  • Threaded comments, which means that it will be easier to reply to a comment on a blog post, and the new comment stays with the original comment when someone replies back to you. Much easier to keep track of the conversation!
  • Also in the comments section, notice the pretty avatars next to each comment, actually provided by You can get your own free Gravatar that will follow you around the Internet (linked to your email address that you leave when you comment on a blog), and display next to your name whenever you make a comment on a Gravatar-enabled site. If you have a Gravatar of your own, it will replace the default image next to your comment.
  • Note the new Comments Policy. At the bottom of the comments form, there is a little check box that must be checked for the comment to post. By checking the box, you’re indicating that you’ve read and understand the policies here. I didn’t really want to have to get all formal, but recent events have made it necessary.
  • The categories and tags (or keywords) have been reorganized and pared down to hopefully make things easier to find.
  • Here’s my second favorite new feature: your choice of colors! If you scroll down a bit, there on the far right sidebar you’ll see a box titled Colorways. You can choose Amethyst (the default which you’re seeing now), Adventurine, Agate, or Amber. Try them out! Once you choose a color, each time you visit the site, you’ll see it in the color you’ve chosen until you choose another.
The Daily Stitch

But I’ve saved the best for last! I’ve created a brand new section called The Daily Stitch. Each day, you’ll find something new at The Daily Stitch, like tips and tricks, featured artists, funny quilt related tales, quilt facts, and information and links to interesting things in the quilting world. Think of it as your online quilting page-per-day calendar.

You can subscribe to The Daily Stitch by RSS feed or email; just look for the links on the top of every page in The Daily Stitch section. You can even submit your own tips or information to The Daily Stitch via the Contact page. Go ahead, have a look at today’s Daily Stitch, then subscribe to read it every day!

And here’s a little scavenger hunt for you, if you’re so inclined: when I upgraded WordPress to the latest and greatest version, for some reason, there were wierd characters all over in some of the posts, like this: appliqué. I’ve hunted for these and others until my eyes are square from looking at the screen for so long, and I’m just done. If you run across anything odd in the way of special characters where they don’t belong, leave a comment with a link to the page it’s on, and if you’re the first to let me know about that particular snafu, I’ll mail you a couple of fat quarters for your trouble!

There you have it! Look around, explore, try out the new stuff, and then come back and let me know what you think! If you find something that doesn’t work like you think it should, or if there was something on the old site that you can’t find here, let me know that as well. These are just some of the new features, and there are more to come in a few months, so stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “The New DWQ

  1. The new version of WP has some other stuff going on in the config file and the backend code, which makes it easier for people who blog in languages other than English, but makes some “legacy code” (like double-quotes) display wrong.

    Going forward, you shouldn’t see that sort of gremlin in new content, but there will probably be a fair amount in your old posts and perhaps even comments.


    1. Well, I hope not, but I have a feeling that I might see it anyway. I think I have already in new content actually, but there’s been so much going on that I can’t really remember. But yes, some of the old comments were just completely messed up, and I’m sure I haven’t found all the issues yet, and maybe never will.


  2. You know, it would be really nice if WP allowed comments to be edited, since I COMPLETELY forgot to tell you publicly that I LOVE your new look!


    1. I think you could edit comments if you were logged in as a user, but since I’ve never bothered with the “users” thing, editing comments won’t work. Since I don’t require folks to log in to comment, having registered users seems pointless at the moment though that could change in future I suppose, since new features might make that a necessity…


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