Missing Parts

A woman visited her sewing machine dealer to buy a spare part for her Bernina.

“I was cleaning my machine, and when I removed the needle plate, there was this little pad underneath it. I tried to be careful taking it out, but it just fell apart in my hands. Do you have one in stock?”

The technician replied, “I’m sorry ma’am, but there’s no such thing as a pad that goes under the needle plate. What you had there is lint buildup from thread and fabric! When was the last time you cleaned your machine?”

“Oh, sometime back in ’89, I think.” the woman replied sheepishly.

2 thoughts on “Missing Parts

  1. Yikes! I rescued my MIL’s Featherweight from the garage…it had been out there for quite a few years, forgotten. I took it apart, cleaned it, oiled it, and it runs like a champ now. It was so jammed up with thread it wouldn’t sew at all, and there were no spare needles in the case…she said it was probably the original needle because she was quite certain she never changed it.


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