Spring Fever

Today feels a little bit like spring here in my part of the world. It’s only 45° but looking and feeling much warmer because the sun is shining! When it looks like that outside, you just get this “I want to go out feeling,” though sometimes once you get out there, it’s colder than it looks. LittleOne and I decided an after-lunch trip around the corner to the bakery was in order. (I realize that’s not exactly “going out” but hey, we’re homebodies, what can we say?)

Before we could get on our way, I heard a cat meowing, and I knew it wasn’t either of ours considering they were being total slackers, soaking up the sun in the wintergarden. No spring fever for those two. I looked out the window in the room where I have my beading table, and I could see a cat on the very top of the house around the corner, coincidentally between our house and the bakery. The cat was wandering around up on the roof of the house, meowing his little heart out.

Pretty soon, he was joined by another cat, and they were both wandering around up on the roof. I thought it was rather odd, as this is a two story house with an attic, so I had to wonder how they got up there. LittleOne and I headed out for the bakery, and when we passed the house, the cats came down to the roof edge and meowed at us, kind of like they couldn’t figure out how to get down.

I could see there was a window in the roof on the front of the house that was open, and I wondered if someone forgot it was open and the cats got out, and then couldn’t figure out what else to do, cats being what they are. Figuring we should do our good deed for the day, we rang the bell, and told the owner that their cats were on the roof, and she said it was “normal.” Hmm. Interesting. So much for doing the good deed. We left the cats to their spring fever party, and went on down the road feeling a bit silly, but I did take some pictures when I got home since they were still up there meowing and having their little party:

Cat on the roof

Cat number one, right on the corner of the roof.

Cat on the roof

Cat number two, back by the chimney.

I’m just not sure I’d let my cats do that. *shrug* Different strokes. Time for my afternoon snack:

German brezel

Mmmm…nothing like a real German brezel. Is it spring today where you are?