Quilt Qua

Quilt Qua is a brand new quilt directory. What in the world does “Qua” mean, you may ask? According to the dictionary: definition of qua “in the character of or capacity of”. What it means to Connie Colten, the creator of Quilt Qua, is that the goal of Quilt Qua is to be an all encompassing in information center for quilters and quilt business owners. At Quilt Qua, you’ll find listings for quilt-related businesses including both physical and online shops, patterns, teachers, machines, quilting services, traveling and retreats, as well as directories of quilt blogs, quilt shows, museums and guilds across the country and more! Quilt Qua has it all!

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  1. I am looking for a recent survey about quilting n the USA . How many quilt, what is spent in the hobby, etc. Where do I find this? The most recent survey I can find is 2010. Can you help?


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