Warm Up to Quilt

Warm up for 20 minutes or so on a small sample quilt sandwich before working on your machine quilting project each time you begin quilting again after a break of a day or so. After you are warmed up, you’ll be in the groove, and your quilting stitches will be smoother and more even. Try it!

2 thoughts on “Warm Up to Quilt

  1. Hi Nadine,
    I listened to your podcast and really enjoyed it. I finally came looking for you and just wanted to say what nice job you have done on your website. I love the layout. Very unique and innovative. Best wishes on your book as well. I am pleased with your success.


    1. Hi Jaye! Thanks for your kind comments about my website! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. The book is coming along, and I’m very excited about it! Thanks for looking me up!


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