Moda Bake Shop Boxes=Cute Overload

Remember these?

Moda Bake Shop Sweetrolls

I got these from my Moda rep (the lovely Kim, whose daughter is also a rep) at Quilt Market in October. They are just too cute to actually use for anything, so they sit in their little box on my sewing table with my bunny from Build-a-Bear, and a lovely framed antique stencil that was used by young French ladies to stencil their undergarments for their trousseaux (a gift from Kimberly that she found at the quilt show in St. Marie aux Mines last year).

Build-A-Bear, framed antique stencil, and Moda Bake Shop Box

When Kim gave me this small little box full of huge amounts of cuteness, she said that they were Mini Honey Buns, but then she corrected herself and said that Moda had changed the plan and now they were called Sweet Rolls. (Regular Sweet Rolls are made of 1½” WOF strips, 40 strips to a roll; mini rolls have 10 strips in a roll) The instructions inside the box for a little bag called for strips from a Honey Bun, but I figured that the instructions were printed before the change in plans.

Build-A-Bear, framed antique stencil, and Moda Bake Shop Box

Strangely enough, I’ve seen the rolls of 1½” strips from Moda at shops recently, and now they’re called Honey Buns again! (Camille over at Simplify has a great guide to all the Moda Bake Shop Precuts, with her awesome pics included of course.) Whatever they’re called, Moda has decided to share the cuteness with the rest of the world now, instead of just the lucky few who were able to nab a Bake Shop Box at the show! How cool is that?

Moda Bake Shop Sweet Rolls

You can get them at the Fat Quarter Shop, but get them fast because I don’t think there are many to go around! Now that I know I can get more, maybe I’ll actually make something with mine instead of just looking at them fondly. What will you make with yours?