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Alexander Henry Thunderflower fabricLittleOne’s favorite color (at the moment) is blue and she loves anime, so when the lovely Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics got this Alexander Henry print in stock, I knew we had to order some. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly to do with the two yards that came in the mail, since LittleOne isn’t all that hip on quilting yet (and to be honest, may never be), so a quilt wasn’t top on the list. I even considered just mounting the fabric on stretcher bars and using it as wall art at one point, because it was just so cool the way it was, but we eventually decided to make a pillowcase for her bed.

We combined the anime print with Gradations #72, a pastel colored ombréd print from Caryl Bryer Fallert for Benartex, and used a little bit of Superior Threads Rainbows variegated polyester thread for top stitching.


After fussy cutting the main pieces from the anime print and the strips for the pillowcase border (cutting by mom; LittleOne’s worried about that rotary cutter thing still) and an hour or two of sewing, things were looking pretty good.


LittleOne learned to use the serger to finish the inside edges, though she didn’t really want to. “It’s noisy and scary and it smells funny!” Well it is pretty loud, and after a bit of use it does tend to smell like hot metal and oil from inside. I don’t know whether that’s a normal thing, but it seems normal for this serger anyway. She’s only smiling because I was taking pictures of her, and she thought it was goofy!

A nice evening of sewing together, and now we have this:


And the best part? The smile!

P.S. If anyone has a link to a place to download a template to make a photo montage like the one above, please share it in the comments! It took me forever to make that in Photoshop, and I know there must be an easier way!

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  1. For photo montages (and so much more) there is a Creative Memories software called Storybook Creator Plus. It is simple to use but can give many effects and the finished “page” can be saved as a jpg and then added to your blog. You can also create books. It’s excellent and resonable priced.


  2. Finn who posts the blogs “Pieces of My Scrapbag” ( and “Riding the Orphan Train” ( mentioned in recent posts about using a program called “Picasa Collage” to make photo montages for her blogs.

    She doesn’t say in the posts where she got the program but maybe a web search of the program name will give some info or if you contact her through her blogs, I’m sure she’ll respond.


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