Another Project Done:

Inchie QuiltsI spent last weekend (and bits of the first part of the week) programming the website for Inchie Quilts! You can check it out at I’ve already added some of the workshops that I’ve developed based on the book; you can see descriptions of them (with pictures!) on the Workshops page. As the book moves closer to publication, more content and updates on the progress will be added there. For now, here’s a few other things that I have planned for

  • News about the book, workshops, author visits, and sources for the book and materials
  • The Daily Inchie Blog
  • Bonus files and digital downloads for Inchie Quilts
  • Tutorials and technical support
  • Unique ways to share your Inchies and Inchie quilts with other Inchie Artists

Visit the site, leave some feedback, and subscribe to the RSS feed to be the first to get the latest news about the book, and see a new Inchie every day!