Taming the UFO’s

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the unfinished projects in your quilting room? Make a list of all your projects, and make notes about what the next step is on each one. Look at the list periodically, and especially before you start something new! You may feel inspired to work on something that’s already started rather than starting another quilt from the beginning. Consider committing to finish one UFO a month, or get together with a quilting friend for some buddy support as you get control!

2 thoughts on “Taming the UFO’s

  1. When making that list of UFO’s one may find that many projects stop when they reach the same point. Consider taking a class in that technique.

    Create a rotation of the projects so you are working on a different technique each month if you need variety or if you like routine, group them together.

    If a project seems too large, break each step into “chunks” of time and “rest” with a different project before taking the next step.


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