Happy Easter and a Coffee Cozy Pattern Review

There were Easter goodies found at our house this morning!

Found it!

The bunny plush kind of took over the whole basket.

The Easter loot!

But what’s that in the back there?

What's that?

An empty…cup?
A cup of ... ?

Ahhh, it’s a hot chocolate cup cozy!

A coffee cup cozy

The bunny had a bit of help from Mom this year. I saw a coffee cozy at Insanely Crafty (cool new blog I found just yesterday through Jennifer at Parrish Platz! I think Jessica is the lovely Corrinea’s daughter? Jennifer and Corrinea work at Patch Arts & Crafts in Stuttgart.). Anyway, I thought “I could make those for the girls for Easter” since the coffee bars around here on the Army posts are frequently out of cardboard sleeves! I didn’t have a cup on hand to use to make a pattern myself, so I went looking and found the Fabric Coffee Cozy Sleeve Tutorial at YouCanMakeThis.com.

I LOVE that site! Downloadable patterns for everything crafty! The tutorial was pretty good, though I’ll make a few changes if I make these again (and I’m sure I will because ITMan was feeling a bit left out because the Easter Bunny didn’t leave him one!). The pattern wasn’t exactly perfect; mine came out a bit small since the printer cut off the bottom of the pattern and I wasn’t sure how much longer to make it. The pattern could have been designed to be placed on the fold, and then it would have fit on a regular sheet of paper for printing.

Other than that, the method of sewing the bottom seam (and having to measure from the top seam first and mark the sewing line) was a bit fiddly, and could have been made easier by just designing the pattern to be exactly the right size in the beginning. I used Quilters Dream mid-loft poly batting between two layers of batik, instead of backing one layer of fabric with fleece, and it worked just fine.

The instructions called for a lot of gluing to hold things in place; I just used pins. The pocket instructions were good, but I added 1/8″ extra all the way around to the cut size of the pocket, so that I could just iron the edges under before sewing instead of gluing them. I wrote on the pocket after sewing it on with a Pigma pen and filled in the heart with Tsukineko Fabrico Markers and then heat set it. It’s probably better to decorate the pocket before sewing it on, of course, but I got a little ahead of myself!

I did make two of these, one for each girl, but GuitarGirl is a bit of a grump when it comes to things like this so her basket is still hidden, waiting for her to go find it. So no pic of that one yet. I did have fun pawing through fabrics to choose the perfect combo for each one that the girls would like! All in all, a successful project, and a nice little thing to put in an Easter basket for teens and tweens (and dads, too). Happy Easter to all of you!

9 thoughts on “Happy Easter and a Coffee Cozy Pattern Review

  1. hey! I see my name! I’m famous:) Jessica is Corineea’s daughter and every bit as talented as her mom. Love the cozy! And thanks for adding tips for making it. I can’t beleive how much 2nd born has changed since you all lived here! She’s all grown up:) I want to see a picture of 1st born.


    1. Hi Jessica! I found your blog at the perfect moment, when I was casting about for some small thing to put in the Easter baskets for the girls. Perfect! You should definitely write up that tutorial, since I think your cozy looked better than the one I found the pattern for… 🙂


  2. I will definitely be making some of these, Nadine. Thanks for the tip & link. DD #1 works at Starbucks, and will dearly appreciate getting one of these. Great idea for office gifts, too!


    1. Do check out Jessica’s blog where I found the original cozy that inspired me to make them, Dorothy, because hers was even better looking than the ones I made from the pattern I found. Maybe Jessica will find time to write a tutorial for hers!


  3. oh my gosh DiDi, she is beautiful! She’s really grownup and looks like a confident teenager. And she’s a fellow craft store worker! Yay!! Works out good for you too, I’m sure:)


    1. Well, she WAS working at the craft store…she was “let go” last month unfortunately. Not sure what’s really going on with that, but just be glad you work down there not here!

      Thanks for your lovely comments–I’ll pass them on! 🙂


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