So Many Inchies, So Little Time

I’ve been working on Inchies for the Accessorize Me! show quilt (which will be going to the NQA Show in Columbus, Ohio in June*) over the last week or so. On Friday, I had this:

Thasa lotta Inchies waiting to be embellished! 120, to be exact, of the 240 that will be on the quilt when finished. And time is very short to get them done. Way shorter than I’d like. I hate it when I do this kind of thing to myself, but life gets in the way sometimes, and it happens whether I like it or not. So you see, I should not be sitting here typing, I should be in the other room embellishing!

Over the weekend, I embellished 45 Inchies, and they were all very green. Very green:

But lest you think that all 240 Inchies are going to be lime green, see those little bits of fabric to the left of the Inchies? Those are the fabric samples for all the Inchies, in the order that they’ll be placed on the quilt for a blended effect. Thank goodness that all the Inchies aren’t green; I’m running out of green “stuff” to put on them, and I still have about 20 more green ones to go. Not to mention that I’m a little tired of looking at green!

It is amazing though, how different each one looks once the embellishments are done, even though they’re all the same color. So, 15 Inchies per day will see them done, which is a few more Inchies than I really want to embellish per day but it’s a must do since I’ve already entered the quilt in the one show, and I plan to have it done in time to photograph it and send the entry off to the IQA show in Houston this year.

In other Inchie news, I’ve updated the design for the Needle Noodle to keep track of what type of needle is in your machine. Easy peasy squeezy—just add Inchies!

I have two machines out that I use regularly, so I used two Inchies on the Needle Noodle, one for each. The Inchies are leftovers from one of the projects for Inchie Quilts, and they already had the hook side of Velcro on the back, so I grabbed them and stuck them on the loop part of the Velcro that holds the needles. I just move to a new location when I change the needle in the machine, and then I know what’s in there. For the moment, I’m just using the more reddish Inchie for the Bernina machine, since red says “Bernina”! If I were to make new Inchies for the Needle Noodle, I’d make them more “machine specific” maybe with artsy looking letters (B and P) on them or something like that.

If you haven’t checked out the Inchie Quilts website, I encourage you to do so. You can see actual size photos of new Inchies everyday, and some Inchies will even have closer detail photos from now on. I added the same cool programming to the Inchie Quilts site this morning that allows you to see larger photos by clicking on the photo in the post. See today’s Inchie, one that is still waiting (along with its companion Inchies in the set) for a background quilt or project.

Have a great Easter Monday! It’s a holiday here in Germany, so there are no music lessons for the girls, which means that their preferred method of transportation (that would be me) doesn’t have to leave the house! That’s it for now, I’m off to the Inchie mines…

*Did you know? You can enter your quilt in the NQA show, and if you beat the deadline and they haven’t filled the show yet, your quilt is in! This show is not juried, which means your quilt doesn’t have to be chosen to appear from hundreds of other entries. And, the quilt doesn’t even have to be finished when you send in the entry! You can photograph it in progress, and as long as the quilt that arrives at showtime is recognizable in color and style, it’s all good. The quilts are judged for awards by NQA certified judges at the show, and great feedback is given to the quiltmaker. For more about showing your quilts, see the Showing Your Quilts series of blog posts.

3 thoughts on “So Many Inchies, So Little Time

  1. You sound so busy, Nadine, I feel the impulse to offer you my help! I am a fast learner! 🙂
    And the Inchies are looking gorgeous all dressed up in their Easter Best.
    Keep up the Good Work, and don’t feel guilty for needing to take this time to make this deadline, That’s life and That’s what you have chosen to do with yours.
    On a lighter note: It makes me proud the Needle Noodle is improving… Oh they grow so fast, don’t they? hihihi
    The ‘Needle Noodle Godmama’,
    Valentina from Cyprus


  2. Hi Valentina! Thanks, the Inchies do look Easter-ish now that you mention it!

    Yes, the Needle Noodle is sporting improvements, and getting lots of use here. Now I just need to find time to make another, and write up the instructions as I go. After the quilt is done… 😀


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