Giveaway: Inchies and More for Quilting Tips

Are you ready for the mega giveaway at DreamWeaver’s Quilts? Here goes:

Having hosted The Daily Stitch for a couple of months now, I’d like to see it grow to include tips from readers as well as reach more readers so that we can all share favorite tips, tricks and quilting information. After all, I don’t have an exclusive on all the quilting tips in the world here, right? To that end, I’m running a giveaway, and it’s a biggee! The prizes:

Winners will be chosen in two ways. The Inchie art pieces will be given to the two readers with the most points, and the winners of the rest of the prizes will be chosen by random drawing from the remaining readers who were not already winners. There are four ways to enter and get points, so everyone has at least one chance to win:

  1. Submit a quilting-related tip or item to The Daily Stitch for two points. (Visit the Contact page to submit.) This can be anything that you find useful or noteworthy, and doesn’t just have to be tips or techniques. Categories for The Daily Stitch include Featured Artists, Funnies, On the Road, Quilt Facts, Quilting IT, Time Savers, Tips & Techniques and You Did What? Anything you find interesting or useful in the quilting world is fair game for submission. Please include links to the original item (like the artist or show, etc.) if appropriate. Submissions will include a link back to your site or blog and may be edited for clarity if published on The Daily Stitch.
  2. Comment on this post for one point, and leave a link to your favorite post on your blog. Maybe it has great pictures of your favorite project, or perhaps it’s thought provoking or side-splittingly funny. Whatever it is, leave a link here so we can all visit with each other a little more!
  3. Post an entry on your blog linking to this giveaway for one point. Link directly to this post by right-clicking on the title of this post, and choosing “Copy Shortcut” (in IE) or “Copy Link Location” (in Firefox), then paste the URL into your post. Leave a comment here containing a link to your post.
  4. Tweet this giveaway on Twitter for one point. Post your tweet like this: @dwquilts is giving away Inchies and more! Info: This way, I’ll see it!

Whew! I can see some major point collection going on here. I’ve developed a way to keep track of this fairly easily in a database, but you must help me out here and use the same email address for all your comments, submissions and so forth. If I see a Tweet and I can’t figure out who you are I’ll DM you on Twitter to ask so I don’t miss anyone!

This giveaway will remain open for a week until midnight on April 29, 2009 (my local time, which is GMT+2 at the moment), and I will announce the winners on April 30. Luck to all!

21 thoughts on “Giveaway: Inchies and More for Quilting Tips

  1. What a great giveaway. I love your inchies quilt!!!!
    Your CD is fantastic for learning MQ step by step. Though I’m practicing MQ for a while, I often take it off my shelf and watch it again. Keep on doing your good work!
    Probably it’s YOU, who’ll seduce me to start inchies addiction?

    (the other)


      1. Hi Nadine (the other)–I’ll be happy to help you along with your Inchies addiction! 🙂

        So was the Japanese woman at the Alsace Show last year? I love the quilt!


    1. Hi Michele! Watch out! If you make Inchies, you may become seriously addicted! I embellished 20 of them today, and I’d have loved to keep going, but my hand and elbow were starting to hurt so I thought it was time to quit. More tomorrow!


  2. I used to machine quilt because it was expedient. Now I machine quilt because I love it, especially the threads. I am addicted to collecting threads.I do so hope Inchies does well.


    1. Hi Kelly! When I started machine quilting, I think it was mostly because I knew I’d never hand quilt all the tops that I had, and I was a very prolific piecer in the beginning! It was rough in the beginning, but now I’d rather machine quilt than anything else, so I know where you’re coming from.

      Thanks for the well wishes about Inchie Quilts!


    1. Hi Emma! I do the same thing when I go to bed, lay there and remember all the things I forgot to do earlier, but I never get up to do them! 🙂 You DO seriously want to win, don’t you? I have your tips in my inbox, and thank you!

      I LOVE the snowflake block! Where’s the rest? Is it done, or is it still making the rounds in the Round Robin?


  3. I am too late for this one but how much fun for those clicking the keyboard instead of driving the needle. My side kick and I love a challenge. She is still working and I am out of the public arena.

    The computer is as much a part of me as is sewing. Having spent many years as a graphic designer, it got in my blood and the draw is still so strong that even while sewing I sometimes think I need to check my e-mail. Funny how habitual our brains are. Again, let me say this is a lovely website. I have left comments on many sites and hardly ever get a response. But not this one. I feel that I will be visiting here often!


    1. Hi Deborah! I’m glad you like the site. I do try to answer every comment, because I figure if you’re going to take the time to say something, I should take the time to answer! And I’m an email addict too…so glad I have my Blackberry to take everywhere, including to the sewing machine and beading area! 😀


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