Patchwork Times: Inchies, Photos, and the Giveaway

Inchies and threads

Just a few miscellaneous updates this morning:

The show quilt: Still working on the current show quilt with hundreds of Inchies. If I put all the Inchies end to end, there wouldn’t quite be a mile of them, but heck, with the deadline looming it surely seems that way. What you see here is the last stack of Inchies waiting for their edges to be put on, and then it’s time to embellish! I’ll spend an hour or so sewing the edges, and then the rest of the day at the beading table. ITMan has been tapped to be in charge of dinners until this quilt is done, so tonight is takeout Thai food!

Nikon d80About those pictures: Amidst the Inchie production, I’ve been learning to use my new camera. Well, “attempting to learn” might be more accurate. It’s a Nikon D80, a digital SLR; Camille@Simplify made me do it, and I LOVE it! (Thanks Camille, for sharing; I just wouldn’t have had a clue what to buy otherwise, and though I did try to do some research to make sure it was the camera for me, it all finally came down to “Her pics are fabulous and just the way I want mine to look, so just buy what she’s got and be done with it”!) However, there are rather more buttons and functions to deal with than the other cameras I’ve had in the past, so the learning curve is a whopper.

Sure, the pictures it takes with very little intervention or effort on my part are a thousand times better than what I get with a point and shoot, but I want to learn to tweak the settings and be in control. Yeah, I’m a control freak, so sue me. It took me 10-12 shots to get that one above that I was happy with, but I learned a couple of things about using the white balance and the slow and rear flash functions in that fifteen minutes, so I’m a happy panda. Happy, happy, happy, happy!

Twelfth Note InchiesGiveaway reminder: Don’t forget to send in your tips for The Daily Stitch, leave comments, and/or blog or tweet the giveaway to be entered to win Inchie quilt art or other fab prizes. The Giveaway ends tomorrow, April 29, and midnight, my local time. So far, Q&B and Valentina are in the lead for the Inchie quilt art, but everyone who enters has a chance for the rest of the prizes! Send in your tips before the deadline and be entered to win!

Bloggers Quilt Festival: WOW! What an incredible event this turned out to be! There are now 579 links on Park City Girl’s Quilt Festival post, and I’m shamed to admit I’ve not had the time to visit even half of them. I do plan to get around to all of those links to see all of the quilts, but it can’t happen until after the show quilt is done. The quilts I’ve seen so far have been incredible, and the event is a wonderful way to find new blogs to read and make new friends, not to mention seeing 500+ quilts without aching feet at the end of the day! I do want to thank everyone who came around to my blog to see my entry for the Quilt Festival and I hope to see more of you here in the future. Thanks again Amy, for coordinating the Bloggers Quilt Festival!

That’s it for now–I’m off to do quilty things the rest of the day! What’s on your agenda?




10 thoughts on “Patchwork Times: Inchies, Photos, and the Giveaway

  1. That oline quilt festival is taking a lot of my valuable quilting time! I’m only about half way there, but will get through them all eventually, too.


  2. I am proud to say I have gone through all the pages on the Bloggers Quilt Festival. So how many beautiful quilts out there. But Nadine… yours is still truly my favorite. My hubby thought I was nuts for a few days last week… he kept on peering over and saying, “You’re still doing that quilt thingy? Aren’t you done yet?” 🙂

    I love your pictures Nadine. I’m so reluctant to buy a camera. I’m in the technology field, and I feel that technology changes so quickly, that when I do buy something, it is already outdated. Currently my camera is a very low end Nikon. It takes pictures and that’s it. One of these years, I’ll invest in something better, unless there is a hand me down from friends. 🙂



    1. Hi Q&B! Good for you! I will get through all of those quilts from the Festival, but it truly may be a while before I do, with all the pending deadlines I have at the moment. Thank you again for your lovely comments about my quilt, I’m glad you like it!

      There are times I feel like I’m buying disposables when I’m shopping for some techy thing, most notably computers which I seem to go through at a faster than average rate. But with computers, there will always be new software that requires faster or better hardware, so it’s just a never ending battle.

      With the camera, I figure that it will take me long enough to figure this one out that I won’t be even thinking about another for quite a few years, especially since I’m just a hobbyist photographer at most. The features and specs on this one are quite good for what I need, and I can’t see that I’ll need something new and better any time soon (as opposed to my computer…*sigh*).


  3. Yippie! I am such a cheap date, got all excited reading my name in your blog, pathetic, so what!
    I have another tip: how to get a cheap and effective design-wall.
    will e-mail you,
    xox from warm and sunny Cyprus,


  4. Cameras..there are a lot out there to choose from. I bought a Canon XTI when I switched to digital primarily becasue I had a Canon before. I used a Sony and Nicon when I was working…I suggest buying a camera that you can use different lenses on then that is your ticket to sucess becasue it is the lense that makes the difference. is a good site and they are wonderful if you call the customer service in directing you to the correct lense for your camera. I have an old copy stand that my camera mounts on for close up work. They probably make new ones but an old one would serve you well for photographing upclose work..those little inches. Check around and someone may even give you one. That is how I got mine. Once you got set up then shoot test shots to find the correct settings to use over and over. Too many decisions to be made by people who would rather be doing quilting…so ask the professionals at Adorama. They will even buy your old cameras so good shooting!


    1. Hi Deborah! I’m slowly getting to know my camera better, and have had some further success since this post. I have looked at Adorama, but they won’t ship to APO military addresses, so I can’t give them my business. I did get a really good tripod that allows me to photograph Inchies and other small items in a horizontal manner, rather than hanging the quilts on the wall, so things are all going well!


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