Where Have I Been?

Here’s the picture on the webcam (if I had one, which I don’t, so you get the verbal):

I’ve been immersed, buried, snowed under, whatever you want to call it, putting the finishing touches on the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio online shop. Yes, I think I remember saying something like “finishing touches” last week sometime (or maybe I just thought it to myself in my rather overly optimistic moments), but here I am this week, and it’s almost the end of this week, and I’m still working on those pesky finishing touches, and have been all day, every day since then. The sheer number and variety of little things that must be fixed, tested, fixed again, nudged, massaged, tweaked, tested again, decided, found, purchased, and fixed one more time and then tested some more is staggering to the point of being completely paralyzing sometimes. I’m afraid to even really say “It’s almost there,” (even sorta quiet-like) because I know I’ll probably spend at least another whole day or six making it ready before I can actually say “It’s done.”

I’ve been sick as a dog (where the heck did that saying come from anyway? I mean, it works for me, since I don’t like dogs anyway—they’re fine if they belong to someone else and they get bonus points if they’re cute, fluffy, drool-less, or fit in a purse, and see their friend the groomer for a regular gig—but really, “sick as a dog” is just strange). GuitarGirl brought the cold/flu/creeping crud into the house from wherever, so now I’ve had it since Tuesday evening. To be honest, I can’t believe it’s only been 48 hours. Feels like a year. I should be on the couch (see previous paragraph for why I’m not). I can only hope it goes away quickly, though so far, chances look pretty slim on that.

I’ve been watching Star Trek movies with LittleOne, training her to be a Trekkie. Okay, so I have spent some time on the couch, just not as much as would be optimal. We were all supposed to go see the new Star Trek movie tonight, but the creeping crud kept LittleOne and me home (she has it too, just not to the degree that I do), so we watched one of the older ones on DVD from the couch. She’s enjoying the movies, and I’m enjoying her! She’s at a really fun age, and she’s just a breath of fresh air.

I’ve been enjoying Quilt Market in Pittsburgh vicariously though all the generous quilters who were there and shared pictures of the fun on their blogs, and through Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be in Houston this year and I’m really looking forward to it, but I know how hard it is to find time to blog or communicate online in any way when you’re going non-stop for days at a time, so my hat’s off to these people. My trip to Market last year was overwhelming; this year, I know more about what to expect, and by then, I’ll have a better idea of what other types of products I want to carry in my shop. I’m sure there will still be overwhelming moments, but maybe I can cut the number down to under 20 or so!

I’ve been starting to shake in my boots a little bit, because I’ve been accepted as an instructor for the AQS show in Des Moines in October this year. I’ll be teaching five classes and giving a lecture. Okay sure, I’ve taught quilting classes for years, but not on a national/international level. 😯 Maybe it won’t be a big deal, but from where I’m sitting right now, it feels like it’s a huge deal. Um, where are my smelling salts? Must remember to pack those…and my walking shoes, because when the show literature from last year’s show in Des Moines said the hotel was 1/2 mile from the convention center, it lied. I’d like to come home without the blisters under my calluses this year if you please.

I’ve been writing posts for this blog. What? You say you haven’t seen any? How can that be? I was sure I did, and more than once or twice. Oh…yeah. I’m rather prolific actually, just inside my head. I swear, I write whole posts in there that never see the light of the monitor. I know that doesn’t help, since you can’t read my mind, but there it is. I’ve been meaning to update the Inchie Quilts website with more than The Daily Inchie, and tell you all that I did review the final layout proof of the book and it went off to the printer (over a month ago now, I think). I got a tiny little very quiet almost afraid to say it because it might jinx the whole thing message from my executive editor at AQS today that the book might be back from the printer earlier than expected so that was pretty cool too! (Of course, you never know what could happen—which is why the worry over jinxing it—so the official word is still “Coming Soon” which it is, just maybe soon-er!)

I’ve been sleeping too little and working too much on top of being sick, which is fairly obvious from the rambling nature of this post. For now, I’m off to bed since it’s after midnight, while thinking to myself (very purposely not saying to myself out loud) in a tiny little very quiet almost afraid to say it because it might jinx the whole thing inside my head voice that I feel ever so slightly better tonight than I have for two days, so maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep. And maybe there will be something of substance here before the week(end) is out. ‘Nite.